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    My dad also suffered with severe gas pains. Dr prescribed pepcid and prilosec (one in am the other in the pm) and we also had to give him gas x, mylanta, gaviscon. We tried it all and never found anything that worked for him. I hope you find relief.


    Hi Kris

    You could ask your GP to prescribe Gaviscon Advance. It is much stronger than the regular stuff and I believe requires a prescription.

    All the best



    Not sure about garlic. I can eat it by the ton and not feel a thing others say they can smell it coming out their pores. I looked up garlic on google and while there is a lot on it, I did not see any mention of acid.


    Is garlic considered acidic or is there something else in it that makes you pass the time?


    Teddy is Sicilian and I have a hint for spaghetti sauce! When making any red sauce for pasta…..add some baking soda….it takes out the acid from the tomatoes and adds a wonderful sweet taste to the sauce. You can all eat it once the acid it out!


    Sorry I do not have any suggestions on the gas. My husband was prescribed Nexium (one pill a day) for the heartburn he suffered with and it has done wonders. For years he was bothered terribly, always taking Tums and Rolaids. I had to watch cooking Italian or Mexican. But since he has been taking the Nexium I don’t have to ask what he’s “up to” eating…nothing seems to bother him. I personally started drinking alot of water instead of taking medication (Tums, Rolaids). I had read an article how medication defeats the purpose of the acid in our stomaches and we become totally dependant on them. With time, treating my milder form of heartburn just with water worked. Hope something here may have been helpful. Safe trip back to the States!


    Not sure about the gas (and they say there is such a shortage??? sorry couldn’t resist) but for heartburn Teddy swears by Brioschi (blue bottle) at Walgreens. Helps where nothing else has. Also Mylenta has been a godsend.
    Good luck!


    I am in SO much pain, it is like someone is pressing on my breastbone. There is so much pressure. I am going to contact my doctor about it as the gas sometimes makes me vomit just a little and the pain isnt the kind that pain relievers help. So what do you guys take? Anyone on anything to prevent it? Home remedies? Prescription pills? I can usually joke about being full of hot air, but it has gotten so much worse in the last week that it is no longer funny.

    And also is anyone on bile thinners? I am also thinking about asking my doctor about those.

    I hope I can see my gp in the morning and see if I have food allergies that have been exaserbated by my surgery and new plumbing. I just dont think it is healthy to have so much gas and heartburn. I worry that the acids will be irritating my tissues and cause a reoccurance.

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