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    So far we know….nothing. The labs that have come back aren’t showing anything other than the fact it’s an exudate drainage meaning that it’s coming from something that shouldn’t be there. They did just confirm that the bacteria in his blood is from the GI bleed….bacteria back washed into his blood stream so that’s no biggie really. There is also a touch of pneumonia so that “Might” be causing the effusion but no guarantees. They are talking about trying to do it again to get more fluid out. Mark is just grumpy at this point.

    Julie – I looked on line some last night and couldn’t see any correlation with the pleural effusion but we’ll see…if it’s rare and can happen then it will happen to us.




    Sorry to hear all of this. Fingers crossed that this is all a false alarm. Whatever it is, I know you two are strong and will deal with it. Know that we are all here to rejoice with you if all is well and support you if need be.




    I truly hope all comes back as a false alarms but still so sorry that you have to go through this worry.

    I’m sure will weather whatever comes along, but you and Mark have already had your share of Yuck.



    Kris….just read your post and am just plain pissed off. You and Mark don’t deserve more crap!!! The first thing I wanted to do was go out on the web and start researching for you …..which I am going to do after finishing my projects I was doing before bed (am up late). I have a feeling that it will be difficult to find anything about the possibility of this being CC because of the location being so very different. But, I promise, I’ll see if I can find ANYthing about it. Hang in there girl…’re both going to get through this and back to a more normal life again. Love you, Julie T.


    Kris, I would feel the same as you, but I know you are a strong woman and like Teddy would say, “If something is wrong, now we know, so let’s fix it!” Of course we hope nothing is wrong!!!
    Sure hope the next post is better news. Can I just say a few choice words for you? @(#$*%&^%^*#( and a big @*$&$^%*#(#! So there CC take that! You know we are all with you!!!


    I feel like we are starting all over here again…..the frustration and the worry.

    Anyway Mark is in the hospital again, it feels like it was just yesterday we were going through this. It started out this time as a massive GI bleed….not related to the cancer at all. They are blaming it on Ibuprofen use for his arthritis. He spent two days in ICU because of blood loss and needing to spend one night on the ventilator to make sure he didn’t aspirate any vomit (and yes it was Yuck Yuck for awhile around here).

    Long story short, our Onc came to see him and because we were here and it was getting close to the 2 year mark he went ahead and ordered a CT scan. There was no evidence of disease in the abdomen, however, they found a small pleural effusion (collection of fluid between the lung and the lining around the lung) and some “changes” as the Onc put it on that pleural lining that had him concerned. So today they drained the fluid (only got 60cc when 1000cc is more normal) to run cultures and look for cancer cells. The C-word came up and I point blanked asked if it could be the cc coming back and he danced around without really answering my question which is really the first time he has ever done that.

    So has anyone ever heard of metastasis coming as problems with the pleura of the lungs….I know it can be in the lungs which is common but Onc says that the lungs are fine, its the lining and in a couple of areas it looks thickened and nodules are present? Mind you 6 weeks ago he had CT and chest x-ray which were both fine. His CA 19-9 is fine, still down to normal. His blood counts are all over the place since they had to transfuse 4 units of blood with the bleed.

    My biggest concern of course is a metastasis but God help me if this turns out to be another cancer all together. I think I would have to pack it in. I probably am jumping the gun and worrying when I don’t need to but that’s the way my brain works.

    Thanks everyone,

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