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    LeeAnn-Why aren’t all 3 one option?? I had gemcidabene, 5FU, oral chemo and radiation all in one clinical trial. I am 3 years cancer free! I am not sure where you are bieng treated but you might talk to another oncologist for more info and another opinion.
    Lots of prayers there is HOPE-Cathy


    It’s been a while since my last post. I had a second biopsy done last March and turned out to be nothing which was a good news. However, my last CT shows “poorly defined soft tissue mass interposed between the pancreas and liver, suspicious for recurrent tumor(2.7×3.0x2.1cm). My surgeron and radiologist are not 100% sure if it is cancer tumor, but my ca19-9 is up again to 374. Because of it’s location, biopsy is not an option. As I mention before my ca19-9 has been rising since Jan. but nothing showed on CT,MRI so I was not on any chemo or radiation.

    Finally my onc and I decided it’s time to do something.
    She gave me 3 options.
    option1-chemo Gem+cis
    option2-chemo(oral pill)+radiation
    option3-clinical trial (different hospital)

    So I need your opinions on my choices. I’m meeting with radiology onc today so I’m not sure what type of radiation treatment I’m going to get, but my onc said if I decided to go with choice 2 I’ll be getting lower dosage of chemo.

    I’m not sure which one is going to be the most effective and yet with less side effects. Any opionions?????

    Thanks, LeeAnn


    I am not sure what the difference is, but my daughter has a power port. They give you a prescription for Lidocaine and you rub it on the area about an hour before the port is accessed. You then cover it with a piece of Saran Wrap or Press’n seal so it doesn’t get all over your clothes. She is always really numb and doesn’t feel anything.



    My mom might get a port in the next week or two. Can I ask what the difference is between a port and a power port? And, how do you numb them before chemo? Thanks! -Melissa


    Dear LeeAnn sorry about that but I would wait and see and I believe you are doing all the right things. Teddy had a ‘cyst’ on his right kidney forever and that is what it was a cyst. They just watched it. Best of luck and please keep us posted. I am wishing it to be just the cyst.



    Sorry to hear of the news, but it doesn’t sound like they know what it is yet, so try not to worry prematurely. I know, easier said than done. That seems to be a typical response, the oncologist wants to observe and the surgeon wants to remove. Hopefully, the second opinion will help you make a decision.

    Take care,



    Got not so good news today. I had MRI Tuesday and found .9cm nodule along the right hemidiaphragm posterior to the upper pole of the right kidney which wasn’t there before. They are not sure what is it yet, but surgeon is suggesting second look, remove it and more biopsy. My onc wants to wait and get MRI in a month and see if there’s any changes before any treatment. I finally asked her if she’s comfortable treating me. I don’t like to wait and do nothing. She said if I want second opinion she’s totally okay with that idea.

    So when I got home I called University of Chicago and send them all my records. Said he’s going to give it to onc surgeon to review and let me know what they want to do. They have a team of doctors work together, but I only want to see new medical oncologist. I wonder if they going to agree with that..

    My blood works were all good except ca19-9 slightly went up since last visit.
    3/21-218, 3/27-240, 4/17-283

    Any suggestions??


    Thanks, Margaret. I actually knew all of that about the bile duct, Teddy had a couple of problems also with some of those things as well as the ureter which the tumor had bent but I had never heard the term, “shrinking”. No toes stepped on.


    Lainy: I have to respond to your last post. When they ‘killed’ Tom’s tumor that was ‘blocking’ the bile duct, the radiation also apparently destroyed that bile duct so that is why they could not get a stent internalized. Bile ducts can also become ‘restricted’ or ‘narrowed’ which would cause the bili level to climb as the bile is not flowing through that restricted bile duct. Many times a tumor can completely block a bile duct which would also cause the bili level to climb.

    Scar tissue can also ‘block’ a bile duct. Scar tissue from a ‘dead’ tumor, or scar tissue from a surgery. All of these things can result in a person’s bili level to climb.

    Additionally there are a whole host of other things that can cause the bili levels to climb. Even a tube exchange will call the bili level to rise, or an infection in the liver.

    Don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, but just had to chime in on this one.


    Lainy, since she wants me to have MRI in 2 weeks I’m going to wait. If MRI doesn’t show anything and tumor marker still high I’m going to get another opinion for sure. Thanks for your feedback.


    Hi LeeAnn, looking back on this page I re read that your ONC said perhaps a biopsy? What I want to know is, if nothing is showing, what would they biopsy? You know how we love 2nd opinions! Listen to your gut! Personally I have never heard of a shrinking bile duct and have never heard of scar tissue causing counts to go up. I could be wrong though just never heard of that. My feeling is, when in doubt get another opinion.


    Well, I got a call from my onc last Friday, and said she wants MRI in 2 weeks and go from there… Now that’s driving me crazy!!!!!! No plan of action again.
    Anyone have any idea what could possibly cause my tumor marker to go up? I have no infection and nothing showed up on CT. What can I ask my onc to do to figure out what’s going on? My surgeon thinks that maybe remaining bile duct is shrinking or scar tissue but no cancer. Do I need to seek for second opinion? I just don’t like the idea of doing nothing. Any feedback???


    Hi LeeAnn,

    Thanks for the update. And feeling ggggreat is goooood!!




    Yea! and thanks for the update. See, it was a good news day!


    Thanks Lainy and Gavin.

    Met with onc and radio onc yesterday. Bascially they don’t recomm. doing anything yet, since there’s nothing showing up on my CT. My onc wants to consult with my surgeron when he returns from conference. My surgeon mentioned last time poss.biopsy if it doesn’t improve.
    Here’s my CA19-9
    1/11- 74
    My onc is also trying to get pre auth from insurance to get pet/ct to see if anything shows. We’ll see…..
    Other than my number I feel gggggreat!!

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