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    Just to let you all know, I spent a week with Mum and she is doing fine. The fever she had for 5 days, went of it’s own accord, which I was pleased about, as I assume her immune system must be working as it should. She gets discomfort around the area where she had tubes in her side, but I think I have read on here that this is fairly common, and hope it will pass in time. She has a check up in a month or so, so hopefully that will be clear.
    Thanks for your replies!




    Hi Kate,
    After my husband’s resection, the No. 1 complaint was abdominal discomfort. Not abdominal pain. His resection was 11 months ago. I’m not sure if it is scar tissue building up around the site or a combination of the fact that they moved so many organs around during the resection. There was some hair thinning but I am not sure that had anything to do with the resection. I am pretty sure that came from the chemo afterwards. Fatique is another big complaint to this day. He lost a lot of weight but his appetite came back and his weight is consistent with what it was before suregery. Wish you and your mom the best!


    Thanks friends! All info helps, just hearing from people helps!
    It’s hard………Mum really needs to put on weight, and she is a great lover of all things dairy. I have been looking at calorie counters, and think that maybe she should be upping her nut intake! They are full of calories, but non dairy. She is so cheesed (!!) off, as the little amount of weight she had gained has all been lost with the fever.
    I will pass on what you have said. Living in a caravan (VERY basic) on a Greek Island is great, when all is well. But there is so much more available over here in terms of alternative health boosting stuff.
    I want to find out what might help. I’m thinking of stuff like milk thistle, and essiac tea etc that will help to support her liver etc. Trying to tell her to cut back on dairy is a daunting prospect, but I will pass it on all the same. I wish I could get her on here!
    I haven’t time to buy stuff to take out Sunday, but can send it in the post to her.
    Please tell me of any stuff you all think could help!!
    Love and best wishes to you all. You are all coping with your own stuff. I feel so ignorant sometimes, I have so little idea about all the technical jargon etc etc, and have so little to give you all, other than kind words. But it is nice to have this site, as I feel supported when I am floundering around!


    Hi Kate,
    Try a search on Cholangitis. This is a billary tract infection that is common in those of us with resections.
    I carry a CIPRO perscription with me all the time although I haven’t had to use it in a year now. In my casse it has helped to limit the foods that I eat that are mucus producing. This includes dairy products and coffee which has been the most difficult for me to give up. It does make some logical sense as you can imagine mucus contributing to gumming up your system and therefore contributing to a site for infection to grow.
    Hope this helps.



    my dad had probs with fluid near his lungs after his first op and delayed wound healing after the second. Both are easy(ish) to fix. (chest drain for fluid, vac pack for wound). he also had probs with temp spikes after the first op which indicate infection somewhere, blood cultures should be taken (blood taken and tested for growth) and then antibitics can be tailored to the origin of the infection, in the meantime maybe a broad spectrum AB should be given.

    The most important advice post op I think is to get excercise and good nutrition to aid the healing process.

    good luck, jules


    Can someone be kind enough to remind me of possible complications after resection please.
    I’m off to Greece to spend a week with my Mum on Sunday, I spoke to her yesterday, and she said she’d had a fever for 5 days, and is going for blood tests today.
    I have read about minor problems that can crop up after surgery, but can’t remember what they are, and would feel better if I had some ideas of what might be going on.

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