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    Dear LisaAnn, I am so sorry about your Dad. If you are interested in knowing what to expect please e mail me and I will tell you what to look for. Also Hospice has a very good booklet and I believe you can even pull it up online. My husband followed it pretty closely although everyone is different. As you know we don’t like to put time lines on anyone and we can’t, really, but if you want to know what to look for I will help you though. lainy65@yahoo.com Prayers going out to your family.


    Dear friends,
    Dad has been in a skilled nursing home for 7 days. Since that time he has lost more weight, grown much weaker and is now jaundiced. His urine is dark and bowels very light. We were told to have a family meeting with my mom regarding the approaching end. I know she will want a time frame and the doctors only say probably days to weeks. What is your experienced opinion?

    My mother hopes he can still take chemo and as I understand it, jaundice excludes any chance for chemo. Any advice or encouragement appreciated.


Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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