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    As I’ve mentioned previously, I have been selected as a viable surgery candidate, currently scheduled for April 21. As fate would have it, my wedding anniversary is April 9. My wife and I want to get away from all the mental gymnastics, medical scheduling and work and take a quick trip to either Hawaii or Los Cabos to just spend time together in a warm, tropical climate.

    I’ve spoke to both my oncologist and surgeon and they have expressed no concerns about the travel, the only exception being that I am back in time for pre-op and surgery. I thought I’d reach out to the group and see what kind of feedback I’d get from my “peers.”


    P.S.: I don’t buy into all of the coronavirus hype and sensationalism. The swine flu was a heck of a lot worse than the current situation, and I don’t recall seeing a single event canceled or travel restrictions implemented.

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