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    Hi Emmam,

    I’m sorry that this is happening to your mother. Please do not settle on one surgical opinion. Seek a second, third, fourth one if you have to. Experienced hands are key especially since this is a rare cancer. My mom had a resection at age 72 and she is a type II diabetic as well (in addition to hypertension and hypercholesteremia). Yes the surgery is massive and recovery time can be long, but your mother deserves a formal surgical consult. Don’t let them brush her off. My mother was mismanaged from the start and this is not a very forgiving disease. Please ensure you get more than one opinion from very experienced surgeons.



    While my age was certainly less than your mom’s age, my surgeon told me that the type II , insulin dependent diabetes I had would add a risk factor to my resection, but the risk was very minimal,,….like part of one percent. I’m not sure what macular degeneration would have to do with it at all. Her age?…..maybe because it IS a big surgery. But, people go through heart surgeries at her age all the time it seems.

    I feel like Marion, that a sit down with a surgeon is in order to hear first hand just what the concerns are before discounting surgery altogether, but just to know WHY from someone in the position to know first hand. My firsst oncologist was amazed when he told me that the surgeon was even going to do my resection laporacopically. He said, “I didn’t know they could even DO that.” In your position, I would set up a consult with a surgeon.

    Meanwhile, the stent placement can help her comfort and health while you and she are figuring out what there is to be done.



    Emman….welcome to our site. This is a complex surgery and should only be performed by a surgeon “very” familiar with this cancer. Your Mom deserves detailed explanation as to the un-resectablily ( bladder, cystic duct, common bile duct, hepatic duct) as well as well as age and diabetes.
    The upcoming stent procedure will ease her discomfort and allow for a game plan.
    Has she had a biopsy confirming the diagnosis?



    My mom was not a surgery candidate also, and I would have been highly hesitant if she was able to get surgery. It is very involved and felt it would put her at a high risk with no guarantees.
    Your other question is a very good one. I asked myself the same question as doctors made it seem that it was a quick moving, aggressive condition which needs treatment right away. I cannot answer as a medical professional, but believe it varies from person to person. The same with treatment which varies from individual to individual, what works for one person may not do any good for another.

    Thanks for joining the board, and hopefully you get the support needed to move forward.


    Hi there.
    My mum who is 82 has recently been diagnosed with stage one cc. The ct scan has said it is in the neck of her gall bladder, cystic duct, common bile duct and hepatic duct. We have been told that she is not suitable for surgery because of her age and diabetes. She also has macular degeneration.
    Despite this we have requested to see the surgeon as I feel mum deserves to be told why they won’t operate. She feels she is healthy enough. I have to told her the surgery would be very extensive. How quick does this cancer progress and spread. We are due a stent soon

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