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    Your description of your father’s progression sounds so similar to that of my husband’s. My husband 58, died in October and the last few weeks he was bed bound, hardly ate anything, vomited quite often, was constipated, couldn’t sleep except in small doses, lost lots of weight until he barely looked like himself.

    My husband wasn’t really able to talk much at the end, and really needed the pain medicines, which made him sleepy with only a 20-minute window or so of being wakeful and able to communicate with us.

    It was very sad to witness. Takes real courage for a person to endure to the end of this disease.



    I can tell you what happened to my dad. After the gem/cis stopped working he was waiting for his new chemo. That is when he started to get ascites. They drained it then it came back a week later; drained it again. He was vomiting (projectile) and not able to eat or sleep. This continued and was hospitalized many times. This happened over the course of a month until he passed. He described it not as pain but as discomfort. Like having the flu 10 times over. He was not eating and dropped a lot of weight. He was very aware of what was happening and could continue conversations. The last week I think he was having some hallucinations but that could have been from the morphine. Along with the throwing up his kidney function went caput. Slowly his organ systems were shutting down.


    I am sorry to hear of your brothers situation. I would add to whats been said that if you suspect an intestinal blockage (from tumor or constipation), ask for help right away. A palliative procedure may help as blockage would be painful. The goal of hospice is comfort, both physical, mental and spiritual so push for anything he needs to be comfortable.


    Dear Dhill. so glad you are having him use Oxygen as it really helped my Teddy. It relaxes the patient which helps with keeping the pain down. Please just make sure that Hospice gives him enough of anything he needs as comfort is the bottom line. I am emailing you the list now. If you need any thing just email or post here as we are all here to help.


    Lainey, yes I would love that list. I’m from Tx but am currently in NY where my brother lives. He was diagnosed at the VA on Long Island. He was also seen at the VA in Manhatten. He was first diagnosed with it in his right hepatic duct. It has spread to the common bile duct and the small intestines. He is currently home on hospice. Had to start this week on oxygen, and mostly has problems right now with nausea and constipation. My sister and I care for him. We’ve been down this road before with other kinds of cancer. Any information you can give us would be appreciated .



    Also want to welcome you. Most of us never heard of this cancer before. You have found the best place to come for help and support.

    I agree with all above. Lainy is the go to person for the signs and another opinion can’t hurt.

    Stay with us and let us know how your brother is doing. As Lainy said, his comfort is most important at this point.

    Take care,


    DHill, welcome to our extraordinary family but sorry you had to come here. I have some questions for you, if you don’t mind. What kind of CC was Diagnosed? Where is your brother being treated? We are huge believers in 2nd and 3rd opinions. We just need a little more to try to help. Yes, I am the one with the 10 signs that the end is near. Let me know if you would like a copy. Wishing your brother the best they can do. Comfort is the most important.


    Welcome to the group, although I’m sorry you had to find us. I hope you will find a lot of support here. One of the moderators, Lainy, has a list of signs to watch for. If you send her a private message (go to her profile page to do that), she will email it to you.

    Is your brother in Texas too? Where was he diagnosed?


    I am the sister of a man who was recently diagnosed, I had never heard of this type of cancer before, and it was too late for any kind of treatment when he was diagnosed. I’m interests tend to know if anyone knows what we can expect in way of signs and symptoms at the end. We just want to be prepared.

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