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    I agree with Sara in that Dr. Geschwind is well known and highly respected. You may want to refer to him (you might want to mention this Foundation) or, have your physician contact Dr. Geschwind personally.
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    2 doctors that my boyfriend consulted with told him that portal vein blockage would eliminate the use of chemoembolization, others said the same about radioembolization (theraspheres and sirspheres) At the Mayo Clinic, they recommended both for him.

    Ultimately he went with a leading intervention radiologist at John’s Hopkins, Dr. Geschwind who debunked this opinion, stating that this has been done for years and that it is an old notion that this procedure cannot be done with portal vein thrombosis.

    A catheter is run from the femoral artery at the hip up to the liver or site of the tumor, from there I don’t know the exact mechanics just that the radiologist will find entryways into the tumor to administer the chemo…

    If you would like further information about to expect, I can provide you with more details. My boyfriend had 2 of these procedures done at Johns Hopkins.


    I had one oncologist tell me that chemoembolism is not possible for my wife because her left portal vein is blocked due to the cancer.

    Don’t they send the tube down the hepatic artery to deliver the chemicals?

    From what I remember from high school biology, blood flows to an organ via an artery and out an organ from a vein.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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