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    Janet, my heart breaks for you and admires you all at the same time. God bless you and your family. Yes, Pete is in a happier state.


    Janet, that is a beautiful note from a wonderful and devoted son, just telling it like it is! You must be very proud of him as is his Dad who will always be watching over all of you. I think the School Memorial would be the perfect send off and something of course that will always be remembered by all, by “keeping it low”.


    My son wrote them email about his dad. I thought I would share it with you.

    The high school he taught and coached ar are giving him a memorial in the cafeteria. Everyone will bring food and there will be an open mike.

    This is the email.

    As many of you know, My dad (a.k.a. Coach Campbell) passed away yesterday afternoon after battling cancer this past year. His journey ended very peacefully with his lovely wife and in no better location then at home on the lake.

    He wished for no funeral and has actually donated his body to science. Yes, after a life of dedicated teaching, he wanted that journey to continue. However, he is getting no such luck in people not making a big fuss about him. The community and the high school will be holding a service for him this Wednesday, June 6th at Clay High School (Clay County, FL). I don’t expect you guys to attend, but selfishly wanted to let you guys know that my dad is awesome and he touched so many lives that they are putting on a big shindig just for him.

    I want to thank everyone for their warm regards. Sorry if I have not responded back to your message or calls, but hope to soon.

    Miss you all and as I my pappy would say, “Stay Low”


    Dear Janet,

    I am so very sorry to hear of Pete’s passing. Please accept my hearfelt condolences. I am so happy you will continue to post on this site. I am sure you will help many people. Your husband will also help many people by so selflessly giving of himself. May Pete rest in peace and may you find peace through all of this. Love and hugs to you.



    Hi, Janet,
    Your husband set a good example for all of us,especially patient to follow.I will try to do the same if my wife will agree when the time is come.
    You are a good Christian to show us the faith of you and the trust you have on Him. You are an example of courage for us,you said you will not go away and will be back on the message board to contribute what you can to help others even at the time of sorrow . My friend, your devotion is worth a ton of love. And an example for all of us to follow.
    I salute you.
    May the Love of our Jesus Christ, the Grace of God and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you and guide you all the way.
    God bless.


    My Dearest Janet, I am so very sorry and in the same breath, what a wonderful wife and Caretaker you have been. You did everything right and also used your gut feelings. Pete is at Peace now and maybe he even saw Teddy.

    If I should be the first to go,
    And leave you alone, my Dear,
    Let not your heart be lonely,
    Nor in your eyes a tear.
    Grieve not for me, my Darling,
    I’ll not be far away,
    With petals of love and tenderness,
    I’ll pave for you the way.
    To join me in our sanctuary,
    And ne’er again we’ll part.
    Grieve not for me, my Darling,
    I live within your heart.
    Take joy again in living,
    As you did in years gone by;
    God knows what of he’s doing,
    And not be questioned why.
    Grieve not for me, my Darling,
    My life with you on earth
    Each moment filled with happiness,
    And love so few be worth.
    I’ll be waiting for you Sweetheart
    Where skys are ever blue,
    With eager heart and open arms
    Patiently, for you.
    Grieve not for me, my Darling,
    May faith and my love keep.
    Your soul filled with contentment
    Eternally, I sleep. By Mary Harris

    P.S. Janet, when things settle down for you, we sincerely hope you do stay with us, we can always use your help. Big Bear Hugs are coming your way.


    Yesterday my husband died at 1:04pm. He had been placed in hospice after his bleeding ulcer and was suppose to come home Tuesday. I called hospice on Tuesday to ask when he was coming home. They told me he had taken a turn for the worse, and did I want him home. I couldn’t make that decision until I had seen him. My friendand I drove to hospice. Once we got there Pete was totally out of it. The doctor told me he was in what they call (the death throws. He told me if I took him home I would just have him back there the next day. But my gut was screaming at me to take him home, and I told my self I was being selfish. I needed to do what was best for Pete. So after all of the talking, I gave in and said he could stay there. I would spend the night with him.

    Within minutes 4 women took me out of the room to a sitting area, and basically told me I could have him at home and have 24 hour nursing care until he died. It was called something like crisis care. At this point I was so confused and upset that I didn’t know what to do. But my gut told me I wanted him home for me. They make all the arrangements and by 5pm he was in his home and safe. I think he knew he was home.

    Since he got home his breathing was loud. I knew he wanted to spit, but couldn’t. I think the nurses thought I wouldn’t be able to handle that, but I told them I had been through much worse with all the chemo, etc.

    The next day at some point in time I went outside by the lake and prayed for God to take him. I knew he wouldn’t want to be in the condition he was in. I think it was an hour later that his breathing changed. I cradled his head and asked if he dying. The nurse thought he was. I just held him and told him, he was going to be healthy and well again and always with me. They allowed me to be with him for over an hour before he was taken away. I layed in the bed with him and just cuddled with him. In a strange way it was a beautiful experience.

    I am now so much closer to God. He actually answered my prayer. I will always be grateful for that and thank him every day. That spiritual power is so strong.

    In conclusion the hospice nurses called the number of the company called MedCure. The nurses told them the condition of his body. I was told by MedCure that at the time I applied he would have been accepted, but if he lost 10 more pounds they wouldn’t take him. But I told Pete he passed the test and hopefully his body will teach someone about this terrible disease. He will be a teacher to the end.

    For all of you out there that are fighting this disease. Fight it with all that you have, but when you have lost all your strength don’t be afraid of death. I know that in the debths of my being that we will all be in a safe place someday. I don’t know what else to say to you to help you along your journey. Pete fought this cancer for 9 months. We had hoped for more, but it wasn’t to be. God be with all of you. By the way I am not going away. I will keep coming back to this forum and hope I can help some of you along this journey. Thanks and love to you all……………….janet


    My heart goes out to you. I’ve been where you are now and know full well what you are going through.

    Love and Prayers heading your way. Peace to you and Pete.



    Janet…High ammonia levels (hepatic encephalopathy)causes patients to be confused. You might see that with Pete. Know that a tidal wave of love and support is heading your way.


    Dear Janet,

    You sound so much better in your post this time. Like you are coming to terms and accepting how things will be. I think it is so admirable of Pete to donate his body to science. When my oldest daughter was in medical school, she and her classmates were so grateful that selfless people donated themselves so they might learn. They treated the bodies with the utmost respect and held a ceremony at the end of the year to honor them. What a special man your dear husband is. I think you will help many people by continuing to post on this site. God bless you and Pete. You are both in my prayers.

    Love, -Pam


    Oh Janet, it is all so bittersweet, you are on your honeymoon as we were. There are parts that will come that I hope you feel as priviledged to be a part of as Robin and I were. He does know you are there, he does know all you are doing and he does get his comfort from you. He is an extra special HERO to donate his body to Science. You do sound much better and we have to do what ever works to get through this. I am so happy you are having a friend stay with you, that is a huge relief. Please know I am thinking about you and praying for Pete.


    Thank you so much for your replies. Pete is now in a hospice facility. I want him home, but they need to stabilize him on the medications for amonia levels, itching, and pain. Once that happens I can have him at home. Today he was talking but would fall asleep. Then he would wake up and continue to conversation. He is saying things that are really weird. He told me the doctor said he was coming home tomorrow.

    When he still is itching even though he had medicine for it, I would lay in bed with him and scratch him for a while. Then I would hold him and he would get real calm and fall asleep. I feel so blessed that I can do that for him.

    He wants his body donated to science. We have talked about it in the past, but hospice helped me with all the paper work, and it was completed today. Now I can concentrate on him.

    I am told his amonia levels at some time won’t come down with medication, and he will just go to sleep. He won’t wake up again.

    I now am on tranquilizers that make me feel like I can handle anything thrown at me. I also have a long time friend that drove up from central Florida that will stay with me until whenever. I cherish this because all our family is on the west coast.

    Tomorrow I am told to have a priest come in to give Pete that last rights. I will continue to be active on this site. If I can help anyone in this situation, I will try. Love, and thanks to all of you that have given me information to know what this disease is all about. It has prepared me for what is ahead for me and my best friend and lover.


    Janet I’m so sorry. It’s a terrifying and deeply lonely situation you’re in. Please come back when you can. There is great support on this board regardless of what stage the patient or caregiver is at.

    Deb xxx


    Prayers to you and your dear husband. I am so sorry.


    Dear Janet, I am so very sorry about your husband. We are here if you need us, at any time. You never know how strong you are until “strong” is the only choice you have. I will be thinking about you and the journey you are facing. God Bless.

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