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    Kris … Thanks for the compliment and encouragement. Now it is my turn if you don’t mind. I have had poop of ever color in the rainbow (never found the pot of gold though). Everything we eat can alter the color. When I eat a can of spinach you would think I was a lepricon pooping green! (Actually I’m Popeye) Kris I’ve noticed one thing and please don’t slap me, but you need to really mediatate and work that brilliant mind of yours to your advantage. Visualize clear fluid throughout your body and imagine how healthy you are and how calm you are. Stress in my opinion and I’ve always said it is a number one cause of imbalance and poor health. Dump that stress in the trash bin and be happy! Now that I said this, yes you still have to keep and eye on what is happening. But remember our digestive systems are complicated and even under normal circumstances it doesn’t give us the same color or texture. I agree with everyone else, calm down and keep an eye on things and if you get constipated, itchy or see any yellow tinge in eyes. Then go from there. Other wise keep positive and think diet.(type of food) You know the queasy feeling is normally a cause of excess acid flow as well. I said a mouthful and it all boils down too, take a deep breath and attend a few more yoga classes. Be confident and stay on the positive track. We are all rooting for you to stay on course!

    Bless Ya!
    Jeff G.



    I agree with Barb (the cdr). It could easily be something you ate. I actually had a stool one time that was green! I couldn’t figure out why, and it worried me terribly, until I realized I had eaten some black licorice the day before! Yikes!!! I seem to have some fascination with my poop nowadays, rating the color every time I go. But I think it’s only natural when we are in this situation. Just keep an “eye” on it. It you are still worried, call your doc on Monday, that’s what tey are for… You will probably find that it gets back to normal within a couple days.

    Take care,


    I am queasy but I still have a appetite (huge in the last couple of days) and I am hot at night but as to other jaundice symptoms, I dont have any. In fact I really wouldnt be too panicky if not for the queasy feeling. I think I will just leave it over the weekend and call my lovely doctor if things dont feel better by Monday. I am so scared I just get panicky so everyone needs to be patient with me.



    Hey Kris…it’s Heather…how about itching? I know Lee experienced that with the stool whitening….before the yellowing of his skin and eyes….I know what it’s like to freak out…I’ve been doing that a whole heck of alot lately…I do agree with everyone else…just watch…pray for patience, a peaceful heart and courage to continue to fight and win…I know I will be doing that for you too!!!


    Kris-do you have any other symptoms? How is your appetite? Brown urine? Night sweats? the order of the symptoms is not as important as the fact that you have symptoms. Not to say you should panic, but you should follow up with your doctor.


    Kris, calm down, it could just be related to what you ate. Keep an eye out for the whites of your eyes (sorry, bad pun)


    I had an extremely light colored bowel movement. I know my menstral cycle can affect it, but I am seriously having a panic since I have been queasy for abit as well so of course I am thinking the worst. So my question is…does jaundice come in stages? When I was first diagnosed, my eyes turned yellow first, then my skin, then my bowel movements turned light. Is this always the case? Or can your bowel movements become clay colored as the first sympton of jaundice? I just had so many tests of every description in February and I just cant believe that the cancer has come back so strong to cause a blockage in 2 months. But I have really never had such light colored stools since surgery. I am freaking out, but my eyes and skin are normal color so I am hoping it is just hormonal changes in my body.

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