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    WE all have our moments. I was diagnosed in March 2011 and am hoping the tumor will shrink enough to finally be operable. I have my moments every day. I try so hard to be optimistic but at some point every day I cave in and worry and cry. After a few minutes I pick myself up mentally and get on with my day.
    We all have our moments. But you need to keep remembering that positive thoughts and attitudes go a long way in this fight.
    BTW, my oncologist isn’t the friendliest person in the world, but she’s one of the best. And I am trusting her and my surgeon with my life!! Literally.
    Best of luck to you. May God give your oncologist the knowledge needed to improve your odds and help you fight this horrible disease.


    Soul84, you have nothing to be forgiven for, I think we read it that this ‘friend’ was giving you information that she was not familiar with and I am so glad that you are hopeful! A winning attitude really helps so much and we are all here for the not so good moments as well as the best of moments. Have a very Happy Christmas and please do keep us posted.


    Thats all i needed to know thank you soo much i think my friend was just worried and read all the stuff online thats not accurate thats what i did when i was in the hospital too but after meeting my oncologist she did give me hope i guess my friend just scared me sorry i have my moments where i think about it but i will continue to make my long term goals because it helps. Im not giving up dont worry i just had a moment! it happens sometimes.


    I had an oncologist at Mayo tell me they have a patient who has been alive 10 yrs and has metastatic cholangiocarcinoma. He said the patient responds to everything they give him.
    Take care!



    The ONLY dumb question is the one not asked. I’ve been on this board long enough now (3 months) to know that the things you’ve been told are simply not true.

    Chin up, our prayers are with you.


    listsoul…No one would be around to share his/her success story if things were as described by your friend.
    Dr. Knox (your oncologist) is very familiar with this disease and she will continue to fight this cancer right along with you.
    You are in good hands at Princess Margaret. They have a great team of physicians with vast knowledge of the disease.
    I am with Lainy, Kathy, and Jamie…do not give up hope.
    Hugs and all my best wishes,


    I was diagnosed in Oct 2007 and was told I was inoperable and had months. My tumor was 6 inches in my liver. In June 2008 my tumor had shrunk to about 2 inches and I found a wonderful surgeon that was willing to do a resection. Do not give up hope!! God Bless,


    Your friend is misinformed. I have always been inoperable. Originally given 3-14 months to live. I’m now almost 29 months out and doing good.


    Dear Lost but Brave Soul, is your friend in the medical field? Did your ONC take a class in negative responses? Sorry, but I would suggest a second opinion! There has been success in shrinking tumors and surgeries have been performed. No wonder you feel so lost you are surrounded by too much negativity. Just my observation. I would certainly get another opinion, it is your right to do that. Your questions are not stupid and honestly I would not ask any more questions of your friend. Also remember that everyone with CC has different game plans and different outcomes. It would serve you well to find an optimistic ONC who is will to try different things. By the way we have a member here, Bob who is in his 14th year. My husband lived 6 even though the Surgeon didn’t think he would make 1. And we do have success stories even from people who were given months. Please start thinking positively or as we like to say, ‘realistically optimistic’, a good attitude sure helps a lot. Much good luck to you and please keep us posted.


    When they diagnosed me they said surgery is not an option since half my bile duct literaly is blocked. I asked the oncologist if i keep doing chemo will it shrink down to a size that will be able to be operated. She said that because its not going to shrink to that size because the tumor is so big. She then said that people have prelonged it with this combination of chemo i am on. All my blood work has been good my inflammation of the liver is all gone i can eat minus a few slip ups with eating wheat (im very allergic) which caused me to lose 2 lbs. but everythingthe blood work still looks good. My friend keeps telling me that there has been no cases of anyone living past 2 years with the tumor and i have to get them to operate. My friend also said that eventually chemo stops working when you do it so much. I was planning on going back to university after my chemo was done would this not be realistic even if it does shrink because it will always still be there it could come back any time in different places after a while? Am i always goning to be in and out of chemo? Sorry if my questions are stupid i was doing okay but my friend keeps making me worried and then i think about it.

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