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    thanks everyone for your input!


    Hi Dorien,

    Lauren has had her port since before her first chemo, which will be two years in August. It is wonderful for chemo. The only problem we have ever had is with nurses that are not in the cancer center trying to access it. They really have a difficult time accessing it and end up poking Lauren numerous times, which upsets her. You would think nurses in pre-op and nurses that work in CT an MRI areas would be great at accessing, but we have found that is not the case. So, anytime we can, we high tail it to the cancer center where we know it will be done correctly. Lauren was on a chemo that I disconnected at home and flushed myself and we had no problem at all. For us, it’s two thumbs up!!!!


    Bompie-I loved my port, I have no viens and it is so painful for something as simple as blood draws. I do blood draws every month and I can’t remember the last time I left with just one stick!! I had to have my port removed after my second transplant because I was going septic and all foreign objects in my body had to be removed, I cried about it. I had no problems with mine.
    Lots of prayers and HOPE-Cathy


    This is a good question and has been addressed numerous times on this site. Thought to include some previous postings, but hoping for others to chime in and to share their thoughts with you also.



    Hi Bompie,

    For sure this is the right place to ask your question and I am sure that you will get some great answers here. Unfortunately I can’t share any personal experiences with ports and chemo etc as my dad never had them. I know that there are many posts on the site about ports etc and the search function will throw them up for you. Here is a link about ports, lines and piccs for you that is pretty good –

    Hope some of that is useful for you and please let us know how things go with your dad.

    Best wishes to you and your dad,



    so after 6 rounds of Cis/Gem …my husbands veins have taken a beating.

    they have suggested a port be put in (and one is actually scheduled)

    since he is considered terminal/stage 4– there is really no end to
    chemo so it makes sense to do this.

    In some ways I’m ok with a port…in other ways it freaks me out.

    I have (of course) also heard some horror stories about infections and
    blood clots, etc.

    Anyone care to show their opinions on a port?
    both pros and cons?

    Thank you!

    (is this the right section for this question?)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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