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    Thank you so much Peter, Kate, Patrice for your words of advice. I’ll be sure to post anything we find useful. All the very best, Emma.


    Puggle-my husband Dave had 5 treatments of Gemzar and oxciliplatin and is now doing IV vitamin C at the local holistic health center, Prosure nutritional supplement which is high in Omega 3 and calories, and pomegranite capsules. He is feeling much better and we will know if the vit C is doing anything at his next CT scan in a couple weeks. Keep searching for answers. Patrice



    Do a search on this site for my posts about ‘Lentinan’. This is a Japanese manufactured pharmaceutical grade mushroom extract that has been shown in Japanese studies (not recognized here) to extended the quality and longevity when used in conjunction with Chemo. If you are not using Pubmed in your research yet I recommend it. A search there should turn up some of the Japanese trials.


    As in all cases this does not help everyone, is not a panacea, nor is it a cure. We are all waiting for the silver bullet. For me personally I have been on a combination of Xeloda and Lentinan for 8 months now with very positive results at this point. My tumor markers are back to the normal (30’s) range and my general health and well being are much improved.

    I would also suggest investigating the work being done around the world, Germany is a leader in this case, on therapies that can broadly be described under the umbrella of immunotherapies. Dendritic cell research (search on Geoff and Marions posts), targeted therapies, there can be a long list.

    One additional comment. I have been quite conscious of diet and for a couple of years focused on steamed vegetables, juices, organics, no meat etc. While I believe that done well this is healthy for our bodies in my case my significant weight loss was becoming a serious factor and I have modified the diet with an eye towards gaining back weight. So much combines to determine what happens with this disease.



    Hi Puggle. I can’t really help with your question, other than to point you to the Nutrition section of this forum, as there is a far bit in there on supplements and diet.
    I’m sorry to hear your partner has been diagnosed, and I wish you both all the best.


    My partner was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with cc. We were wondering if anyone had any good results from supplements (herbal or vitamin) taken during chemo with gemcitobene, that would be worth looking in to? So far we have only come up with omega 3 as a safe one. Also, I am wondering about the best diet to undertake as, every time we start something we’ve read is good, we then hear/read that it’s the wrong thing to be doing …. we are already feeling utterly overwhelmed, but feel that the right diet/ supplement programme is at least something we have an amount of control over.
    Any info would be much appreciated.
    Thanks and best wishes,


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