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    Hi John: My husband had a Whipple surgery 1 year ago and he itched like crazy. Nothing helped until we found a cream called Sarna at Walgreens. It is very strong and you should not use it more than 2 weeks at a time but it really did help where all else failed.
    There are some things we just have to find out on our own! Lainy


    My CC recurrence is progressing and I am in the process of making decisions of what course I will next follow. For those of you who don’t recognize me from earlier posts I am 3 years and 3+ months (good quality of life time for me) from successful Kaltskins surgery and have not yet done chemo.

    I am now having secondary symptoms specifically ascities and itching and my Onc prescribed 2 drugs I could try. Does any one here have any experience with:

    spironolactone – Prescribed to help relieve fluid buildup of ascities. More info at:

    ursodiol – Prescribed to help with itching. More info at:

    Thanks and best wishes to you all. Keep up the good fight.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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