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    Thanks Jeff – I truly appreciate your opinions and experience but mostly your positive approach to things.

    We continue to look for options and hopefully the progression will continue to be slow. So far he has no symptoms so we are for the most part OK.

    Again, thank you for the wise words and I wish you the best of luck!



    Hi Amilcar… I have had mets to both lobes of the lungs since early 2002. The progression has been very slow. One reason is the chemo I have been taking for my primary cc of the liver. Other explanations I can not give as I don’t know. Oncologists I have been involved with basically say there is no known chemo or treatments to cure lung mets, just to slow progression. If it is progressing slowly you could go as long as 12 years before having any significant complications. I’ve also been told that until tumors reach a size of 4-6 cm I would not probally recognize any symptoms. As far as stopping treatment, if it is not working after 2-3 treatments I stop my regimen and discuss other options. That’s why I’m on Taxotere first cycle as Xeloda and oxyalplatinum stopped showing any signs of combating the cc plus I had further mets pop up to my bones. We took care of bone mets with 3-D conformal radiation. Combination treatments I have had done for the last 3 years, but as with other regimens they work for so long and become non effective. Treating cc is not easy, Especially when everyone’s body and make up is so different there is no standard line of effective treatment I’m aware of. Amilcar, I,m sorry that you are angry of your Dad’s passive approach. Not to discard your feelings and emotions I’m sure your Dad has a lot bottled up as well. I’m sure as a physician he knows the score and like many individuals with cc make their choice of how to deal with a disease without a known cure. Quality vs Quanity I can attest there is a big difference as I started quality change to quanity and now I guess I’m just doing treatments to see if I might strike it lucky for others who have been and are going down this lonely road. God willing a common cure will be found for us all In Gods time. Amilcar, exchange your anger of your Dad’s passiveness with love and support as the frustration and anger is really having a disease trying to take away a person we love so dearly and we simply don’t have much control of the outcome, except for hope and pray for the best of circumstances.
    God Bless,
    Jeff G.


    Hey everyone –

    My dad (64) was diagnosed 5/06 and has been for the most part OK since (outside of two severe infections stemming from the stent that has since been replaced). His case is quite interesting b/c he has no masses or mets to the liver or surrounding areas and still has no major mass in the ducts. He does have a significant number of lung mets and there seems to be some progression since his last CT scan in April. The confusing problem is that the team of dr’s overseeing him have failed miserably at esstimating rate of progression. All they basically tell him is that there is some growth and they suspended his latest treatment (Xeloda) that he only started in April.

    I have a a couple of questions:

    1) Does anyone have significant experiences with lung metastasis and potential treatment specifically for lungs (embolization/radiation/anything)
    2) Is it prudent to suspend treatment after only about 12/16 weeks of using Xeloda
    3) He has only been on Gemzar before so we are wondering if a combo treatment might be worthwhile, even using the same drugs

    He is still doing quite well and outside of fatigue has no major symptoms so quality of life is critical. We don’t know if going directly to some of the more hard core chemo regimens might be a good idea at this point.

    We are really confused and I am actually quite angry since my dad is a physician and is taking a very passive approach to his treatment.

    Thank you and good luck to everyone!

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