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    bananafish….I agree with Percy’s comments would call Mass.General again and convey the message. Possibly they can provide a quick test for C-MET and/or VEGFR2.



    If your mom had done the Foundation One or Target report and it shows over-expression of C-MET and/or VEGFR2 ,then it may be a good idea to delay the chemotherapy . Otherwise I don’t think it is as good idea.

    The reason is that you may not know whether your mom qualify for the clinical trial of XL-184 or not; and they will do labs on your mom to find out ;interview your mom will take a lot of time(ie: see the trial exclusion list, you mom may need to do more test etc. there are lots of questions to be answer.and it will take time.)

    God bless.


    Hi everyone,

    My mom is currently scheduled for a port placement on 1/6 so that she can start her chemo on FOLFIRI next week.

    But I’ve been looking into clinical trials and came across one for Cabozantinib (XL-184) Monotherapy at Mass General. It’s a drug trial. I talked to the investigating doctor’s (Dr. Zhu) office, and my mom can get a consultation appt on 1/10. What do you think about holding off chemo for another week until we have the appointment with Dr. Zhu? I emailed Dr. Javle and he said that he’s seen favorable responses for FOLFIRI. And of course, my mom’s doctors at MSKCC are both recommending it. I emailed Dr. Kaheleh who’s also doing a clinical trial on photodynamic therapy at Cornell Medical college, but I think he needs to see all my mom’s records first before making an assessment. So the question is, is it prudent to hold off on FOLFIRI in search of something else, even if that something else ends up in the long run being FOLFIRI?

    Here’s the link for the clinical trial for the new drug:


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