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    Karen….Jamie gave such a great explaination. In addition too you might want to use this link from the John Hopkins site.
    Good luck and many hugs


    Hi Karen;
    When I had my resection I knew they were taking 65% of my liver and a metastasis on my colon. I went in thinking I was having a bowel resection also but it ended up I didnt need it. He was able to lift it out because it turned out it wasnt attached to the bowel. During the surgery they found another met near duodenum and took it out along with my gall bladder. I dont remember them telling me about the gall bladder before but I may not remember. I was just so grateful that he was willing to do the surgery since I was told I was inoperable 7 months before. (Had an open and close surgery) This time I didnt care what they took out as long as it might help although we never discussed it. As far as the questions the main ones I think of are what they are planning to do, risks, recovery and what to generally expect. I’m not sure if this helps but if there is anything else I can do just ask. I will keep you both in my prayers. God Bless,


    Hello All! My husband and I are waiting for an appointment to discuss his latest biopsy results. Will call to schedule on Monday. After the biopsy the Dr. stated he was almost positive that he would be a good candidate but needed to speak to his partner. Until then, I’ve been reading some of your postings and noticed many have had a resection and other organs have been removed as well during the surgery. Were you informed prior to the resection of this? What questions should we be asking our Dr. at our appointment if he suggests that we go ahead with the surgery?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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