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    Jeff, you are a complete inspiration to me, you are so thoughful for everyone else, so glad that you are having some positive results, keep on going your great!!


    Hi Bella….and thanks for posting. My husband had also used Marinol while battling this cancer and, we were told as Barbara had mentioned, it could reduce nausea and increase appetite. In fact, my family had been in favour of using Marijuana in any form if it could show to be beneficial to him. I believe, anything that could reduce pain in patients should be considered. O.k. I admit to living in California and therefore, might likely be biased.


    Hi All,
    I think the pill form of Marijuana is called Marinol. However, I was under the impression it was taken to reduce nausea, and increase appetite? Not 100%. I am so glad the treatment seems to be working Jeff. I look forward to your post you seem to combine information, support, spirituality and the all important- humor, when dealing with this not so funny illiness.
    Keep on kicking it’s butt, you are giving all of us so much hope.


    Hi all,

    What a wonderful site…thank you to all who contribute…from the bottom of my heart. I come to the site for the latest and greatest info on fighting this ugly disease. My dad has CC.

    While I normally do not post, I thought since Jeff takes the time to document all his experiences and throw out ideas for others…I should too.

    So what about medical marijuana for pain relief…just a thought. Not that smoking is a good thing but maybe pill form (not sure how it is administered)?



    Jeff, I’m so glad the radiation treatments are going well for you. I hope you get your pain better controlled soon! Keep us updated on what the tumor board comes up with. Have a great weekend!



    I didn’t mention it to anyone in the hospital because I thought they would think that I was going crazy.



    Glad to hear the radiation is working. As for the pain, the patch worked for my husband when the other pain meds weren’t enough.


    My husband had hallucinations from the morphine too.



    I’m very glad to hear you’re getting relief for the swallowing issue. As far as the tumor compressing the spinal roots, have you asked about Cyberknife? It’s my understanding that one of it’s uses is in recurrences in previously treated areas. It might be worth discussing with your radiation oncologist. Is there a Cyberknife center in your area?

    You have probably already tried Oxycontin, but would be an alternative if you have too many side effects from the Morphine…thought I’d suggest anyway! And the Fentanyl patch does maintain a steady drug level…always important in trying to control pain, and again may work better for you if there are too many side effects from the Morphine.

    Just a few late night thoughts! I appreciate your positive spirit so much…and your humor! Keeping you in my thoughts and wishing the best.



    Well, Jeff it sounds like you are having some success. I have no idea what to help with the pain though. Best of luck next time with the onco. I hope that tumor board puts their thinking caps on.



    Thanks you Guys,
    Accupuncture is an option ,but I’ve been using EFT which has helped considerabally, but It is only short term effect for me at the Moment. I”t’s basically the same thing except wthout the needles, but I’ve only been able to gain relief for a couple of hours each time. Lisa, morphine is definitely a mind altering drug, but so far only some wierd dreams. Works pretty good for me, but now I’m back up to the level I was a year ago. So got to figure away to eliminate this soft tissue tumor. Will see Onco in another two weeks and see what he comes up with and we can compare notes.
    Cheerio for Now,


    Thinking of you, Jeff, and your family. Hang in there! Happy to hear the radiation treatments are helping.


    I know this may be a dumb question, but does the morphine give you halluncinations?

    Morphine gave me halluncinations when I was in the hospital. I thought the walls were crawling with long, stringy things.



    I’d like to second what Lainy said about acupuncture. I haven’t used it for pain, but I’ve had weekly acupuncture treatments for my immune system for the last two years, and it’s AMAZINGLY relaxing. I usually drop right off to sleep on the table with the needles in and feel like I’m floating in a cloud! Definitely worth trying.

    I’m SO glad to hear you can eat better– good food is one of the keys!!



    There is some good news in there! This may be a crazy thought have you ever tired acupuncture for pain? Short of a stiff drink don’t know what else to tell you. But good to hear the radiation is working fine. I am curious as to why they just don’t go right to the patch? Good work Jeff.


    Hi all! Just a update on my radiation trearmnets. Appears to be working just fine. I can know eat and swallow my food without things backing up or nursing down with water. Tumor playing around with my spinal roots can no do radiation, as I’ve radiation in that location already and they are afraid of collapsing my spine, so they beefed up my pain meds to 60 mg morphine every 8 hours with break through meds of hydromorphone every 4 hours if needed. They’ll try the pain patch if this gives me any problems. In the mean time the tumor board will be discussing what is best action for the soft tissuse tickling roots. Any ideas of different pain control, please jump in thoughts are weclcomed. Have the bestest day possible.

    Keep On Trucking!

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