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    Hahaha! I only know that peri menopause hit immediately upon beginning chemo and its over now!! Less than 2 years of that stuff… One good thing from cancer, huh?? :)


    Hi Kris. Would you say that just maybe, just maybe we are a couple of “hot” or “warm” chicks? HAHA


    When I had the pump installed, they had to keep me in the hospital an extra few days because my fever kept spiking around 9 pm. I would be fine all morning, then around 5pm or so it would elevate a little and around 9 I would get a headache and they would check my temp to find it had spiked to 101. This continued for about 2 weeks after they finally released me. No one could figure out why. I don’t worry about it much when it happens anymore unless it gets over 102.
    I haven’t had this in a while, tho.
    I hope she is able to get transferred to NYP so she can get the surgery… Hopefully on schedule or maybe Dr. Kato can move her date back just a few days until the fever is under control.
    Good luck and keep us informed.


    Laura….in addition to Lainy’s thoughts, we have discussions on a subject called tumor fever. It can occur in cycles similar to what you are describing (specific time of day or night occasionally or on a regular basis.)Not sure of any scientific explanation for these particular fevers, but Tylenol appears to help most. Make sure though to mention it to the physician.


    Dear Laurkcp, just a guess but could the night fever be from the antibiotic? I was just in the Hospital and also would wake up at night with night sweats. I sure hope everything goes well for her pre-op testing and that they feel it will not interfere with treatment.


    Took mom to the ER for fever and abdominal pain. SHe is on IV anti-biotics and is fever free except at midnight when her fever spikes to 101 on Friday, 100.7 on Saturday and we are praying it doesn’t happen tonight. Around 9pm, her temperature goes up to 99. She is perfectly fine all day and from midnight to 3am, she has fever, wakes up drenched and is fever free.

    All her blood cultures are negative. She is scheduled for a liver resection on Tuesday and I supposed to take her to NYC for pre-op testing tomorrow.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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