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    Welcome home Lainy!

    So happy to hear all went well-



    Great news! Praying for continued recovery and health!


    Glad to see you back home Momma and glad to hear it all went well too!

    Big recovery hug for you!!



    Lainy, so glad it was quick and easy and you’re feeling well!


    Hi, Honey, I’m HOME! I was only in the hospital from Monday morning to Tuesday afternoon, tired but none the worse for wear. He had another CT scan done this morning and it looks like the first area where the tumor was in January is developing thick walls. So we will now have a e month follow up on that one with another MRI. He said it is rare for this to happen but then those of you who know me know I don’t do things easily. I don’t have time to worry about it and it could be just that…thick walls. Actually came home with Robin and got my RX for Hydrocodone, stopped to eat and picked up some veggies from a market. Mel’s daughter called yesterday and Is bringing BBQ Brisket for dinner tomorrow and she will meet Robin. I am doing the sides like salad and veggies. So sweet of her.
    Again thank you for the prayers and thoughts. Oh my, Gavin you were right, here I am again! HUGS to all of you!


    Hooray for Lainy and her repeat performance!



    You are welcome, Darla


    Thanks for the update Marion & Robin. :)


    Here is the much awaited update from Robin, Lainy’s daughter: Good news.

    “Hello Everyone,
    Mom just got out of surgery, the doctor came out and talked to me, she is doing just fine! He said it was not as large as the first one so the surgery went just as expected and also the MRI before surgery showed no new tumors at all and she will be checked in 6 months or so with a scan to see if anything had developed although he doesn’t expect to find any.

    If everything is good in the next 24 hours she should be going home by Tuesday afternoon. She is in the ICU right now which is standard care for neurosurgery and will be moved to a regular room by tomorrow morning.”



    Hi Momma,

    A week away from here??? You got no chance!! Am away to the bookies to get odds on that one as I so have to play that bet! 2hr op and 1 night in the hospital this time then…. yep,…….. your brain is getting smaller, hope they can find it!! ;)

    In all seriousness, you know I’ve got everything crossed for you on this as always and getting cramp everywhere keeping things crossed for ya! You need to tell the doc this time to get it all in one go!

    Hope you have given orders to Robin once again for update duties as you know we are a nosey bunch and need to know the details as always. Or maybe we just have come and camped out in your room and the surrounding rooms as well! 6am start, nice! I’m up at 5 these days, busy busy here. I could give you a phone to get you up! Fingers crossed for you, and everything else as well!

    Love ya loads,



    Brigitte, Darla, Kathy, Sharon & Phil, You are all so very sweet and Thank You. Oh my, on top of that which to me is not a big deal for all that you all go through, but am juggling the new Beau and the Passover Seder tomorrow night for 16 people. I am not going in for the surgery I am going in to rest!!! I have said for a long time I am only getting rid of things I don’t need anymore and this surgery should do it. Have to think of another attention getter.
    We went to our go to restaurant for family events and the Grands met Mel. WOW! They really hit it off.
    Now, all of you stay good until I am back on, ya hear? BTW in case anyone wondered I do not feel any different at 76 than I did at 75! I feel Blessed and thankful and it doesn’t get better than that.


    Dear Lainy,
    How can it be that our cheerleader has to endure more. Since I usually go to the Good News section, I missed your January challenge. And now you have another one! You are one positive lady….wishing you Godspeed over this hurdle and looking forward to seeing you back doing somersaults! We will do a few for you this time….
    Sending love…and also belated birthday wishes….
    BIG HUG…Kathy


    Happy Birthday Lainy. Hope it was enjoyable. Good luck with the surgery. Hope all goes well.



    Wishing you a speedy recovery and Happy belated Birthday x


    Prayers are with you Lainy! Oh yeah and Happy Birthday! Hope all goes well and recovery is quick.Thanks for all you do

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