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    hi Lisa,
    thank you for your concern for me and my daughter.

    i have zero new info about michelle. as far as mono goes, i think (my brain cells have left, i could not remember how to put gas in my car the other day :-(..) it is related to epstein barr and her infect. disease specialist thinks she probably has epstein barr.

    my husband and i went to a pancreatic conference yesterday and it completely wore me out. i was so nauseous on the drive. it took 1-1/2 hours to get there. yikes! i am on xeloda this week. when we returned home, we had yet another ‘love letter’ from blue x rejecting coverage for avastin. it was an instant downer. so, i have my work cut out for me this next week. we are leaving later today (it’s now past midnight) in our motorhome, to go to the beach for a few nights.

    i do hope you are able to find some moments to relax and escape the pain you are going through. you are so kind to me in your hours of need.

    thank you again Lisa for your love and concern. i send it back to you.

    i’ll check in again on thursday… until then, take care.

    barb h


    Hi Barb H.

    Have they ruled out MonoNucleosis? Seems to me that Michelle is exhibiting alot of those symptoms. I am so sorry that you and she are going through this. It just seems as if diagnosing things takes forever and sometimes we don’t get the answers.

    Whenever I am stressed about anything it comes out in my skin. It is not the shingles, as I have taken care of many people with that disorder in the past. As of today, it is not that bad. It comes and goes, pretty much dependent on what is going on at the time.

    With all that is going on in your life, I thank you for caring about us. It takes special people like you to make this world a better place to live in. I am sending many hugs your way, and please keep in touch even if you don’t visit this site often. You can also feel free to send me a private e-mail if that is easier.

    I will wait to hear about Michelle, and you take care of yourself.
    Love Lisa


    Barb, I will be posting tonight hopefully. Just have not had time.

    Love and Hugs,


    hi Lisa,
    thank you so much for your concern about my daughter when you are exhausted and trying to maintain as you go through this painful time in your life.

    your description of your skin issues from stress, could that possibly be from shingles? of course, i have not taken the time to look up those symptoms, but i do know that blisters appear and stress does bring it on.

    as for my daughter, who is now 43 y/o, she became extremely tired and started having intermitten fevers. her temp would go up to 103, back down a bit, then back up. this has now been going on for more than 2 months. several of her liver enzymes go up slightly and i think come back down. tylenol manages her fever. this for a woman who never took any meds for anything her entire life. i am worried sick about her. the first “uninformed” doc she went to, dx her with bronchitis although she had none of the symptoms. unfortunately, she did take antibiotics for quite a while. eventually, she saw an internist and then i urged her to see an infectious disease specialist. she has done that and has had endless blood tests along with an ultrasound. still no concrete dx. suspicious for epstein barr. however, i don’t believe that a person with that disease runs a temp as high as my daughter michelle. she told me again today that she’s exhausted, lying in bed, no appetite…. this is the triathlete in our familly and tends to go like a house on fire.

    today, i sent her info about two docs at USC and hope that come monday, she will be able to get an appointment with one of them. however, she will have to pay out of pocket. that’s another story.

    thank you again for your concern and for the info on your mom. i tell you Lisa, any mom or dad would be lucky to have you as their daughter. bless you my child. i will be thinking of you.

    i don’t come here everyday, so it takes me awhile to “catch up.”
    much love to you,
    barb h

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