Resection surgery is a “go”

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    Sophie –
    All positive thoughts going your way.



    for your upcoming surgery….thinking of you, sending tons of support and great wishes for a great surgical outcome. Looking forward to Hollie’s report followed hopefully, soon by another one from you, personally.


    Hi Sophie…… I’ll be thinking of you as will many others and sending good thoughts and prayers. It’s a scary thing to go through but with your daughter and niece being there to support you, you’ll do just fine. We’ll be keeping a eye open for Hollie’s update.
    God Bless,
    Jeff G.


    Hi Sophie,
    That is wonderful news. I’ll keep all my fingers crossed that everything will turn out well. Your spirit sounds good to me, so you’re going to make it!
    Good luck and wake up well,


    This is for both Joyces.

    Dear Joyce and Joyce,

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement, ladies. I have pretty much just read posts instead of replying, but I am going to start replying more because it’s so heartening to have responses like yours, and I need to add my words of encouragement to others. And if there is good news, it should be shared because it does help others. If the news isn’t so good, then there are so many wonderful people like you with kind words and prayers.

    Good luck to Butch and his forthcoming surgery. My prayers and good wishes for success.



    Hello Sophie,
    Best of luck with your surgery – I am happy for you. My husband Butch will be resected on July 15th, at the University of Pittsburgh – his tumor is 8.2 centimeters, and we are also very grateful. We will pray for your success.



    Dear Sophie,
    That’s great news! I know you’re scared – you’re only human, and I would be scared, too! – but the chances of recovery seem to depend so much on the ability to have surgery, so this is such a positive sign. Your doctor must believe there’s plenty of hope, and we’re all pulling for you. Best of luck!


    Thank you, Chrissie

    I have been reading all your posts since March, and I emailed your surgeon’s name to my doctor and about your fiance’s surgery a few weeks ago. As it turns out, my surgeon said he had worked with yours, and he was a good guy. I’m really scared, Chrissie, because I have this on 75% of my liver plus I’m much older than your fiance, and my immune system is compromised because of chemo. I do have faith, and I’m trying to be positive. My prayers and hopes for both of you.



    That is great news. I will pray that all goes well and that they are able to remove the entire tumor.



    Hello everybody, and my prayers and good thoughts are for you all,

    I had my CAT Scan done at City of Hope yesterday July 2nd, and my surgeon said that the resection surgery scheduled for July 7th is on, so I feel so greatful. He told me he thought the CC looked smaller than the last scan. My tumor is 11.8 cm by about 8 cm or was when I was first diagnosed in March. On Monday he will make a small incision and use a scope to see what’s going on in there, and hopefully he’ll be able to proceed with the resection. My niece and daughter will be there with me for support. Following the surgery my niece Hollie will give an update about the success of the surgery. I am praying I will wake up, and Dr. Kim will give me good news. Yesterday I also saw an ultrasound of my first grandchild….two blessings yesterday.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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