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    Hello everyone,

    Thank you for your kind words, they were greatly appreciated! I still check this site regularly to see how everyone is doing. My husband and I have started up our research program into finding an effective treatment for this type of cancer. We are also looking into developing a novel screening method to detect cancer at a very early stage. The NIH is always looking for talented scientists, students, special volunteers, etc… so if anyone is interested in a career in science they should definitely check out the NIH website……

    Stay strong and keep fighting this horrible cancer! It is by sharing information on which approaches work and which don’t that we will be able to get a better understanding of this devastating disease process.

    All the best,



    Dear Maggie,

    my heart breaks knowing that one more wonderful person was ripped out of life due to this horrific disease. My research will also be ongoing.
    All my love to you.


    Take care, much love to you.


    Dear Maggie — Our deepest sympathy to you! Our hearts were with you with each message you wrote about your “Mum”! Your compassion, concern and love for her came through loud and clear. You tried so hard to get the care she needed — you were a “diamond in the grass” everyday for her.
    What a dear daughter you were for a wonderful mother. Our thoughts and prayers are with you with sympathy and love.
    ~~ Jean & Marv (a CC patient)


    I am so very sorry for your loss – you are right, our mothers were too young to be taken away from us like this. I’m so glad you can be in a field where you might do some good and help people in the future who have this disease.

    I wish you all the luck in the world – my heart goes out to you and your family.


    Hi Maggie
    I am so sory for your loss .It is great that you will now resaerch into CC this is really needed and really appreciated



    Maggie, My sincere condolences and prayers.
    Jeff G.


    Hya Maggie I feel so much for you and yours. xxxxxxxxxxx

    I know that she will remain in your heart for ever.
    Changing your options would be a wonderful thing for you to do in memory of your mom.

    I have to say as lots do on this site cc. shows in many different forms and time spans.
    It is a terrible disease and so vicious in the way it attacks the body.
    I often repeat always get second or even third opinions, but allow the patient to deal with this in their way if they are able.
    We all wish we could do more but always,
    we are only able to do the best we can
    with what we have got at any given time.
    My thoughts are with you love and light
    Teresa (Alans mom)


    Maggie, I am very sorry for your loss. My wife Dawn


    Hello Maggie,
    I am very sorry for your loss and for everyone on this site that have lost their loved ones. It seems like it is happening too often.
    It is very sad to lose your Mom at such a young age. I think reseaching cancer would be a wonderful thing to do in her memory. She will be very proud of you and everyone on this site will appreciate any insights you can provide to the treatment and cure of this terrible disease. God bless you and comfort you! Mary


    Last Sunday my mum passed away in Belgium. She was 54 years old and fought very bravely for 10 months against this terrible cancer. She was taken away from us much too soon. We will miss her and carry her in our hearts forever.

    I would like to thank this CC community for all their help, support and advice. My mum always said that when she became ill that she finally saw ‘all the diamonds in the grass’. Throughout her illness we saw many diamonds in the grass, and dear CC community, you too are all diamonds in the grass.

    As I am a research scientist, I have now decided to change my field of research and I will do my very best to contribute to finding a cure or treatment for this terrible cancer. When we do find a cure, you’ll be the first to know!

    Keep fighting this terrible cancer and may the memories of our loved ones that have succumbed to this dreadful disease remain in our hearts forever.


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