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    Jason, Pattimelt & Judy,

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I am hoping the gem/cis combo works for me and shrinks these tumors! Anything is possible right?

    I have great trust in God and believe He is right there beside me giving me courage and strength.

    Please continue to keep me in your prayers.

    Love & Peace,


    Keep your chin up, Mary. The Gem/Cis combo is powerful! Has anyone tried Lactolose for constipation? Ron’s Dr. gave him a prescription for this and claims it works quite well. Ron has never had to use it, so I can’t tell you if it works or not. Godspeed!


    Your story is much like mine Mary. I know how you feel & how hard it is to hear that nothing has been working! I feel good though. Have not had any CC symptoms so far except for a little pain where the tumor is & some tummy issues. But feeling better since I am on a chemo break. I am trying to get some referrals but only have an HMO & keep getting denied. I can only take one day at a time & make the best of each day. Also having faith in God who is the Great Physician!
    Blessings to you!



    I am incredibly saddened to read this. I have read your previous posts, and I know you are so kind and caring. This is so unfair! I truly admire your attitude and “grace under fire.” Gem/Cis has worked for many others, so hopefully it helps shrink your tumors as well. Stay strong and know that so many others are pulling for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers,



    Thank you Darla.


    Dear Mary,

    I too am sorry to hear of this set back. You have a great attitude and I know that will make a huge difference.

    I’m glad you are planning the trip and know you will have a wonderful time in Key West. It’s a great place to be, especially in January. :)

    Lot’s of good thoughts and prayers coming your way.

    Love & Hugs,


    Susie, Willow & Porter,

    Thank you so much for the kind words and prayers. I will continue to fight this terrible beast. With my family, friends and my CC family in my corner, I have a lot on my side and feel the strength from everyone to be strong and carry on!!!

    I am thinking and praying for all of you always too!!!

    Peace & Love,


    Sorry to hear about the bad news about your scan. Hopeful for you that your new cocktail works for you and that those suckers start shrinking! Good luck and prayers to you.


    Dear Mary,
    Sending prayers and positive vibes your way in a big way. Have a great trip too.



    I am sorry to hear of the results of the scan. Lots of prayers for success with your new treatment.
    Sometimes constipation can be caused by all the pre-meds of the chemo. I found Zofran really made me constipated. I used to take Miralax everyday while on chemo and radiation. It helped.

    Take care and enjoy your trip!



    Thanks Marion. I’m hoping this chemo works. I so want to hear the word “shrinkage” after my next CT scan. Please send prayers and/or positive thoughts my way.

    Peace & Love,


    Mary….I wish for the constipation to get under control, for the chemotherapy to beat those nasty tumors and for your trip to be the greatest ever.
    Hugs and love is heading your way,


    Thanks Lainy, KrisJ and KrisV.

    My trip to Florida is January 15 – January 25. The actual time in Key West is January 16 – January 21.

    KrisV, I had just gotten the constipation under control but it seems when I started the gem/cis on Friday the constipation kicked in again. Right now I’m taking 300mg a day of Colace and milk of magnesia once a day. I was taking Miralax but didn’t find it helpful. Senna gives me really bad stomach cramps so I’m trying to stay away from it. I think I would like to try “brown cow”. Does it matter what flavor milk of magnesia I use for that?

    Please keep me in your prayers.

    Peace & Love,


    Mary – so sorry that that news was not good but it sounds like you have a plan and and Onc that is willing to keep plugging away at it. Going to Florida and Key West sounds like a beautiful plan to me. With the rain we are dealing with I would love to go.

    With my husband he is always constipated due to his surgery and then the Gem/Ox he is on make it worse. He is currently taking 250mg stool softeners 2 tabs in the morning and then the evening for a total of a 1000 mg daily. He is also taking Senokot (just Senna not mixed with anything else) 4 tabs twice a day for a total of 8 a day. Then for a couple of days after chemo he take 2 Dulcolax twice a day until he stars moving things along. It seems like a lot but it is working for him. He says the Seonokot tastes like dirt but he takes it any way. Sometimes he takes Miralax but that doesn’t seem to work as well. You don’t have to take as much as he does, you can titrate it up to what works for you.
    Another things that works well for intermittent constipation is prune juice and it works better if you heat it up some in the microwave to not quite how you would drink coffee. This seems to help well. Then there is the “Brown Cow” which is the prune juice with a dose of Milk of Magnesia in it – heated or not and it works fairly fast.

    Hope this helps you out being constipated is the worst.



    Oh, Mary, this sucks! I’m sorry you got bad news but hopeful the gem/cis will kick butt.
    Plan that trip, and have a ball! When are you going?

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