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    Hi, Gary:

    MD Anderson is very particular about the way they do things. If you want to get a second opinion from them, you must become a patient, even if it is only for one visit. However, if you do become a patient, they will bring the full resources of the entire institution to bear on your case to give you the very best answer. Commonly, people will come to MD Anderson, referred by their home oncologist for an evaluation/second opinion. MD Anderson will then give their diagnosis and craft a plan for treatment. The patient will then take that information back home and have their primary oncologist where they live implement the treatment plan. That is the system that allows patients to have their case evaluated by MD Anderson, while still having the convenience and comfort of being treated in their home town.

    Best of luck to you!

    Violarob in Texas (a current patient at MD Anderson)


    Hi Elaine, I sent a note to your Yahoo account… keep an eye out for the subject heading “Gary and second opinions”, as sometimes my Yahoo messages go directly to one’s spam/trash folders.

    You’re in my thoughts…..



    Elaine and Gary,

    You might check Cleveland Clinic, though they wouldn’t accept results etc. from our previous hospital…had to have their own. The interventional radiologist that my husband is seeing is Dr. Levintin. He is wonderful and such a blessing…and is ON THE BALL! The RN that works with him is just as wonderful. Her name is Teri Miller. I would call her and ask your questions. There is another RN working with her and she is also wonderful! The RN’s number is 1-216-444-8708. The voice mail will tell you for general questions call another number…don’t…leave a message on the first number. I would think she would be able to ask Dr. Levintin the question and get back to you. Cleveland does do Theraspheres and is doing their first Sir-Spheres this week. Good Luck!



    Thanks for your reply. We’ll let you know how we make out with Dr. Kennedy next week. Will also look into Mayo – thanks for the suggestion.


    Elaine and Gary,
    Ironically, Dr Kennedy from CAry, NC was one of the wonderful doctors who I emailed and sent scans and records. he responded quickly about the possibility of mircrospheres for my mother. I did not try MD Anderson, but about half of my emails were returned that the docs would review records and a few ( Duke, for example) said they would have to see her as a patient. Have you tried Mayo at Jacksonville? Just trying to think of a place near your home. I’ll be very interested to hear your results with microspheres.


    Hello fellow passengers,

    Gary called MD Anderson gastro dept. today to inquire about sending his scans, records, etc. to be reviewed there. I’ve read here many times that this can be done so a patient doesn’t have to be physically running all over the states for second opinions. However, they told him they don’t do that unless he becomes a patient, has blood work done with them, etc. They told him they don’t do that for free unless you know a doctor who does it as a professional courtesy for another doctor. I certainly understand not wanting/being able to do it for free, but we must be missing a step along the way in this process. We would appreciate someone advising us as to how to proceed. Thanks for all your help. I honestly don’t know what we’d have done for the last 22 months without this website! Elaine and Gary

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