Right shoulder pain and bloated feeling in abdomin

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    Hi Michelle. If the bloat is just bloat, Teddy found Mylenta to be the best. If you also have some indigestion, then Brioche (from Walgreen’s) is great.


    Michelle t.,

    That pain in the shoulder is commonly known as referred pain from the cancer. Alot of nerves are invovled with the bile duct and liver. Some can manage with minor pain medication or heating pad. Just don’t over do the heating pad in case you burn yourself. Some need something precribe a little stronger. The bloated feeling , if not having constipation problems could be fluid retention that can be drained under CT guidance. If it’s constipations problems you may want to try stool softener to help your stool move along easier. If your your liver or bile duct has a blockage somewhere or building up to that, you may not be getting enough enzymes tp propery break down and digest you food enough. It could also be the start of and unknown soft tisse tumor causing pressure on your diaphram. Then again, it could all be side effects of chemo treatment. I would see your oncologist and ask for a CT scan with and without contrast to verify this possibilities. sorry you have these uncomfortable symtoms, but certainly would get checked out. Ask he /she to show and tell after you have done as well. It will keep you more informed.
    God Bless,


    Hello Michelle


    Has anyone experienced pain in their right shoulder by seems to come and go. I was wondering if this is something that will get worse with time or if there is something I can to help eliviate it. I have also started having this really bloated feeling in my adbomin and it can be very uncomfortable at times does anyone have any suggestions.

    Thanks….. Michelle

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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