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Robert Bridges, “violarob”

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    I always feel so sad when one of our family succumbs to cc.
    Is’nt it amazing how talented in many different ways they are.
    However, we are all so lucky to have these people in our lives and are loved by them and as we so do love them too. love and light Alans mom
    Allways remembered Rob.


    RIP Rob. It sounds as though you were a wonderful, talented and loving man. Why does cancer take the best from among us?

    “Hankies at 10 paces”. That made me chuckle. Thanks for posting the link to the blog.



    Thanks for sharing that information. Rob was an amazing person who will be greatly missed by so many.


    I thought these might be of interest. It’s so sad that we seldom know each other beyond our CC connection. What a loss this is for the Houston performing arts.


    I am sorry to hear this news and my thoughts are with Rob’s family and friends.



    I too am surprised to hear this as I thought he seemed to be doing well. My deepest condolences go out to his family and friends. Darla


    RIP Rob. He was always so helpful to me, offering suggestions based on his experiences. I am sorry to hear of the loss.



    My condolences to his family. I am a little suprised by this since his last posts (though a while ago) seemed like things were under control. I am sending my warmest thoughts and prayers to his family.



    We mourn and miss him. He really wanted to help others, his posts were so detailed and helpful and he always took time to thoroughly answer follow up questions that people asked. I am sure the music in heaven just got a little better.



    We are so very sorry to hear of Rob’s Passing. We so enjoyed his e mails. Our loss down here is is Heaven’s gain. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Rob’s Family.


    An email I received from his sister, Jenni.

    Dear Friends,
    If you have not already heard, I am writing to share with you the loss of my brother, Rob Bridges, Wednesday night, December 16th in Houston, TX.

    I was blessed to spend the last two weeks with him, enjoying his company, helping him get things prepared and taking care of him, along with a long list of loved ones at his home here in Houston, up until the very end. He had advanced liver disease and once cancer treatment was suspended (he could no longer tolerate the treatments), the cancer moved very quickly and overcame him. Both my parents, and my sister, her husband and their two children were able to visit with him in Texas while he was still able to enjoy their company and communicate. He chose hospice care which helped to make his passing as comfortable as it could be.

    There will be a memorial service on Tuesday, December 22 at 11:00am at the Church of the Epiphany (Episcopal Church) in Houston, TX (9600 S Gessner Dr. Houston, TX 77071-1099, 713-774-9619). If you are so moved, in lieu of money, please send flowers as this is a spectacular church with beautiful acoustics … which is meaningful since Rob’s passion for music permeated his entire life. The aroma and beauty of the flowers would be so fitting in this context. There will be a professional quartet of his peers that will play and a group of Zen Buddhists that will chant… it will be a service that Rob would be very moved by. The memorial will also include a short list of selected people to speak of the various aspects of Rob’s life and contributions. A reception with lots of photos and Rob “memorabilia” (of which you are encouraged to bring and display your favorite pieces from your own collection) will follow the service.

    On a personal note, please let me deeply thank each of you, for my brother Rob, as he was so very grateful to those of you who were his friends and gave him so much joy in knowing you and sharing part of your life with him! To those of you who contributed to helping allow me to be here with him during this great time of need in his life, you will never know just how precious this time was to both of us and we can’t express our combined gratitude to you…

    Much love,


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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