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    Hi Inthefight,

    Welcome to our community.  I love your user name, it really expresses how most of us feel when we or a loved one gets a cholangiocarcinoma diagnosis.  It is good to hear your mother is getting through her treatments without too much discomfort.

    You raised a question about supplements.  In terms of the medical literature, to my knowledge, there are no supplements that have a proven connection to curing or slowing the progression of cholangiocarcinoma.  Nutrition and diet can help a person achieve better health, and certainly being healthier aids in fighting cancer, but there is no direct medically-verified link that I am aware of between a specific supplement and cholangiocarcinoma.

    Some supplements and vitamins can, however, make the prescribed cancer treatments less effective.  I recall, for example, that I was warned by my radiologist not to take certain vitamins during radiation treatment because they interfere  with the radiation.  So any supplements a cancer patient is taking should be reviewed first with the oncologist to be sure they are not going to impair treatment.

    I hope the chemo does its job for your mother, and her upcoming scans bring good news.

    Regards, Mary



    My 78y mother is new to Intrahepatic CCA (non resectable at time of diagnosis 2 months ago). Was identified by chance while scanning for something else. It’s a 6-7cm moderately diffuse mass that started at the bile duct. No stage/code has been given to us. No external symptoms whatsoever (no pain/jaundice/etc). Normal blood/liver panel.

    She was put on GemCis treatment right after it, now going cycle 3 out of 6. Inmune system holding up quite good, first post-chemo CT scans coming in a few days so crossing fingers for some partial shrinkage.

    We are hoping for some shrinkage for possible radiofrequency ablation/Cyberknife/SIRT treatment.

    I’m giving her the following supplements, and so far she has had NO side effects from chemo, except mild tiredness/some constipation:

    – 25-35mg full espectrum certified Provacan CBD oil
    – 200mg COQ10 as Ubiquinol
    – 5000 IU Vit D3
    – 100mcg Vit K2 MK7
    – 2 x MyCommunity Comprenhensive Inmune Support 17-mushroom complex
    – Solid 7hs of sleep at night
    – 80gr of Protein/day (chicken/yogurt/cheese low fat)
    – No sugars, very low red meat

    We tried Omega 3 (600mg EPA, 495mg DHA in r’TG form) but her stomach didn’t like it.

    I’m trying to identify any other supplement which my prove beneficial to her chemotherapy or actual cancer treatment. Seen a lot around this forum but might be a good thread to add those who you have identified as useful!

    Considering the following:
    – Melatonin 20mg at night
    – Double CoQ10 dosage (to 400mg in two doses)
    – THC+CBD oil (as RSO one to-order… in the order of $1200 per 90 days!)
    – Vitamin A 15.000 IU
    – Vitamin B6 25-50mg
    – Vitamin C 2g
    – Vitamin E 300IU
    – Beta Carotene 10.000 IU
    – Selenium 800mcg
    – Astragalus

    Any thoughts on this?

    Keep in the fight 😀


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