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    Thank you ladies for your encouragement. Waiting to get the appointment for TACE and don’t have chemo until the 14th of August so getting a break.
    Julie I hope your bone marrow results will be good. You are such a trooper! Thinking of you.



    I’ve not had the procedure, but It sounds like there has been some success and there’s no reason not to believe that another procedure with RACE could stop both of the tumorsin their tracks. Hang in there kiddo.




    My mother had shrinkage with her first Y90 treatment, but it took a second treatment ( in conjunction with oral chemo) to kill what viable tumor we could see. In fact, one of her doctors said his goal was never to kill it all, but the second doctor aimed high and got us there. Our approach was to attack while we could ( journal article I saw with success was TACE) and so far we have been fortunate. We were also told not a cure, but going on 3 years treatment free. I am happy to hear your ONCs are willing to do multiple treatments- we had to push for it and so glad we did.

    Best wishes for great results,


    Very happy to hear no spread and one responded to TACE. I understand the disappointment, that is normal….but the GOOD new far outweighs the bad. Hang in there and know we are cheering for you.


    Brigitte….I love the good new part and very encouraged by the fact that you have another opportunity for TACE. Of course, we want it all gone, but the next application may very well give you the desired result. So good to know that options continue to pop up.

    Tons of good wishes,


    I Had a scan on 1 August and the results today. The good news is that it has not spread anywhere and one tumor responded to the TACE treatment. The other one has grown a little, a few millimeter hence my oncologist has recommended another TACE procedure. It is not bad news but I can’t help being a bit disappointed, I was hoping both tumors would be made inactive. He also wants to keep me on the Gemzar chemo treatment since I seem to be handling it well. MD Anderson usually has a Physician Assistant that comes in first and I must admit she had me feeling confused telling me about the scan results which didn’t seem to match my oncologist optimism .He was quite upbeat when he came to see me and said I was doing well. He also said that TACE is not a 100% effective. So in 3 months another scan will show if the 3rd TACE procedure worked. I am thankful that the cancer stays confined and is not spreading. Hopefully it won’t. I try not to think about what could happen as it is not something I can control anyway.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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