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    Hi Brigitte,

    Top one percent and a glass of wine is not a bad place to be.

    We all live with uncertainty with this cancer.  You are absolutely right, maintaining a positive attitude and sense of humor is the way to go.  The medicine is getting good enough that more and more of us will, like you, ultimately experience CCA as a sort of chronic disease with its ups and downs, and with our doctors ready for the next round of intervention when needed.

    Thanks for keeping us updated.  Regards, Mary


    I spoke to MD Anderson PA before chemo yesterday and she answered my questions which were:

    It is a rollercoaster ride as last s c an showed a small 2cm growth on one tumor but scan 3 months ago was showing both tumors shrinking.

    Why is one tumor still growing? Cancer cell always look for new way to multiply

    Will it ever go away: No

    Will it get worse someday? Yes

    Do you have a plan B if Gemcis stops working? Yes, we don’t ever give up.

    If the TACE is not successful than radiation treatment is next.

    She said I am in the 1%  of CC PATIENT who are doing good.

    My blood test are all within range so far. CC has not spread anywhere so far, I am doing okay with chemo, minor side affects only.

    So, I went home after chemo and thought about our conversation, was not sure how to feel about it, felt sorry for myself for a while then got over it, had a glass of wine and went to bed.

    It is pretty much a scan to scan waiting game. My next scan is at the end of June.

    When I read about other CC patients having such hard time 🙁  feel I have no reason to complain, since my CC was found early, it was lucky and I feel blessed and plan on keeping my sense of humor and positive attitude for as long as I am able.

    Counting my blessings, my family, my friends, my Labrador who has become my emotional support 🙂  being able to do Therapy dog visits with her to nursing homes, schools, the Woodlands Children Museum.

    Wishing you all CC patients and families all the very best, stay strong ?





    I would definitely email the oncologist.  You must be proactive and not deny yourself open communication.  Never be in the dark and always ask questions.  Did he say why he wants to continue Gemzar if one tumor grew, even though the other shrunk?


    Sorry to hear this, and yes, the results are confusing. I think you should email or do a follow up call to your ONC for some kind of an explanation. He may not know, but it would be interesting to learn how often this kind of thing happens. It’s good that he isn’t too worried about it, but if I was you, I would push for more info- good or bad- because July is a long time to be wondering.

    I wish you the best.



    The results are not what I was hoping for but not drastic.

    In the last 3 months, 1 tumor has shrunk and the other has increased, both by a couple centimeters.  My oncologist didn’t seem too concerned and wants me to have another TACE procedure and continue with the Gemzar chemo. I am wondering why one tumor has grown with chemo. I should have questioned the matter, whether other options are recommended. He wants another scan done in July.

    Should I e_mail him with my questions?




Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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