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    Hi Tom. Wow! That stinks. I agree with the others that you may have age on your side. Perhaps subconsciously you steeled your mind for the worst and now its fighting time and I believe fight takes over all other emotions. Which is a good thing. I would definitely get other opinions and tackle each issue one at a time. If I am correct the “other” spots have a better chance to be beaten so it’s a very good thing the liver is clear. Don’t carry the burden yourself, let others help. And please keep us posted! We care.



    I am so sorry to hear that the reports are not good. I do agree with Joyce that you have a lot in your favor. I too think you need support from family and friends right now. Know that you will always have all the support you want or need here. You are amoung friends and we all know what it feels like & what you must be going through right now.

    As for the tears, I too did not cry at times when I thought I whould have & then will cry at the drop of a hat over some thing relatively insignificant. I think you are right that part of it is we go through a period of being so stressed, shocked & numb and then it starts to sink in & we have to deal with the reality of it. It does make us so very fragile, doesn’t it?

    I am sure that some of the others in the UK will have some suggestions for you and that you will be hearing from them soon.

    Please keep us informed as to how things are going and know that you will be in my thoughts & prayers.



    I am so sorry to hear your news. Have you told your family? It is always easiest to bear up if we have people to share our sorrow. Thank God we all have this forum – what would we do w/o it?

    A couple of good things – you are young, and your body should be better able to fight this off. Also, the chemo might do its “thing”, and you could get shrinkage for those tumors.

    Maybe our other UK friends will have suggestions for other Doctors and hospitals where you can seek another opinion? The Royal Marsden Hospital sounds like a good choice. There are things showing up on the horizon all the time, and perhaps you could find a new clincal trial to enroll in.

    I will be thinking of you, and praying also.

    Joyce C.


    So had my CT scan on Wednesday and went to see my doc yesterday morning who confirmed what I had thought and that the cancer had returned. My liver is fairly clear but I have a mass in my abdomen and spots in my lungs, along with a couple of other areas. I also have lumps on my head, which while not cancerous are being caused by it.

    There is also some evidence of a mass in my hip which could cause bone weakening and potentially cause my hip to fracture. There are specialists looking at my scans now to see if they need to operate.

    The upshot of it all is that I have been given an estimated prognosis of around 6 months. I cannot understand it but I haven’t been crying, whereas before when I was just thinking about it I could hardly stop the tears! I think I was just in, and maybe still am, shock and am feeling pretty numb at the moment. I am going to continue with chemotherapy, getting second opinions from other docs of course and have been advised to see the team at the Royal Marsden hospital, a leading cancer unit in the UK who can offer other options. It can’t hurt to look anyway.

    Yesterday was the worst day of my life and now I have to get on with looking at other options to see if anything can help (any suggestions more than welcome) and seeing what I can do in the time I have left.


Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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