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    Dear Julie,

    Hope all goes well- looking forward to hearing about squeaky clean scans. Do they typcially call you with results or do you have to wait for follow up visit?

    Best wishes,


    We are with you! Scan anxiety is so horrible, and you are a warrior. Let off steam and treat yourself kindly and know that we are here.


    II’m going on 3 years plus ( 3 years, 2months and 6 days) but who’s counting) since my 5 cm tumor was found in my liver back in Jan of 2014. After two recurrences, the docs decided that I would continue to be scanned every 3 months , contrary to their earlier opinion that I could go longer between scans just before the first recurrence. So, I am now coming up to another set of scans this Friday . Due to a lot of famiily events, a small trip, and guests from out of state, I’ve been kept busy since mid April and the anxiety hasn’t hit me as hard this time….until now. I hate this. And…..due to the MDS blood cancer caused by the CC chemo post resection, it’s all the more important that my CC scans come back free of any recurrence. The MDS would preclude doing any chemo, so anything that could be done for a CC recurrence has to be non-chemo. I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders right now. Tryiing to keep it at bay…..but right now, there’s nothing to keep me otherwise occupied enough to keep my mind off of it. I did fine until this afternoon…and the anxiety hit. To Top it off….it’s raining…..AGAIN……has been raining or overcast skies…no sun…for weeks now….the bleak kind of drizzle stuff. Just needed to let off some steam.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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