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    Dr. David Nagorney at Mayo Clinic in MN performed a second resection on my wife 2 years after her initial surgery. He is a highly regarded liver surgeon and I would recommend him (not “warm and fuzzy” but very competent).




    so sorry to hear about your uncle.

    I believe, anytime is a good time to request second opinions, may it be for occurence or recurrence. You will find many such names of institutions or physicians on this site.

    Also, if you need help navigating this site please, don’t be afraid to ask.

    Wishing the absolute best for your uncle.



    Dear Tam,

    Sorry to hear about your uncle’s recurrence. My dad was diagnosed with CC in September and his was also unresectable we are going to try getting a second opinion from Jerome Cannady from the Monongahela Valley Hospital in Pittsburgh. He seems very knowleageable about this type of cancer. His name is mentioned by other people in this site if you do a search.

    All the best to you and your family.

    Best regards.



    I recently joined this website and I am trying to find some help for my 56 yr old uncle. He was diagnosed with a Klatskin’s tumor in January 2004. He had a resection – no lymph node involvement, clean margin in the liver but not into the duct going into the pancreas.

    Post surgery, he elected to take alternative therapy (vitamin C infusions, diet, etc.) and has had a great quality of life until recently. He was admitted to the hospital with high fever/shakes and back pain. Tests revealed a duodenal ulcer (they couldn’t do a biopsy) but they couldn’t find any source of infection to explain the fevers (I suspect tumor fever). Scans also revealed a soft tissue mass near the portal vein and initial assessment is that it is a likely recurrence of the CC and not operable. Chemo and radiation are the only treatments offered to date – both of which he is not willing to do.

    He is now at home on daily IV antibiotic infusions (he had a port put in so he can go back on Vitamin C after the course of antibiotics is complete).

    I’d like to be prepared to get a second surgical consult for him as I think this is the only treatment he’d be willing to consider. Do anyone know of any surgeons who have dealt with recurrence such as this?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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