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    Has anyone who has walked these steps ever had their loved one talk non stop in their sleep? Teddy is talking constantly. This morning was the first time he visited his past. He picks at his covers and jerks quite a bit. Also the halucinations which I guess are part med and part Cancer are continuous when he is sleeping. Hospice comes this morning and I am quite anxious to ask questions. I am the type that needs to know what is happening, so this morning I found a site that described the last 1 -2 weeks and it sounds much like where we are, although handled Thanksgiving very well with 12 people in the house all afternoon. His vitals are still good and I had asked about that and was told his Cancer has not hurt his vital organs but is doing its best at the rest of his body. He just told me he is very agitated and doesn’t want to take the haldol anymore. I know this is hard to communicate and I am probably rambling a bit, just need to see if I can find out where we are at.

Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)
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