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    It seems to be a urinary tract infection.
    In a way I knew it. he started the shivering last Thursday and it was obviously something causing his temperature to rise. When he was in hospital as soon as his temp went up even slightly, they put him on anti-biotics. He had another shivering attack on Friday and I phoned my GP to get anti biotics just in case he had another attack over the weekend.
    He didn’t but yesterday he had two attacks. He started on the anti biotics yesterday evening, so hopefully there will be no more attacks.
    When he came out from hospital the GP recommened taking his temperature every morning. If his temp was raised he told us to take a sample of urine to the surgery. I did that yesterday. They tested it at once and told us he had an infection and told us to take anti biotics.
    In the meantime I read that it could also be a sign of an infection in the bile ducts.
    So now my husband will take his temperature every day so we have some warning if anything is happening. I think everyone should be advised to keep an eye on their temoperature as a sign of a pending infection and take anti biotics to guard against infection. With a compromised immune system early warning is vital.


    Just to present myself.

    My father age 64 was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma and spread to the liver in february 2005. He was offered chemo but not as a cure. He went on the chemo regime with oxaliplatin and gemzar and xeloda. His tumor regressed sligthly but has now progressed and they have stopped offering chemo. So now I am desperate for starting a new battle against the tumor. But here in Denmark if one thing doesn’t work you are not likely to get the chance to try another thing.

    My dad has also lately had violent shivering because the temperature rises so quickly. He was admitted to hospital on jan 14th and had one ercp and three tries of ptc and lots of antibiotics Now the have told that they can no longer do either because it is to difficult. So they sent him last thursday. Saturday evening admitted again because of fever. They opened the ptc-drain and bile is coming out in a bag. I would go with jules it might be bile trying to get out but cant it causes fever quickly.




    my dad had violent shivering too when all this started last year before he had any treatment, i think it was because his bilirubin was so high (is your husband looking jandiced?), he was also itching all over, as soon as they inserted the metal stent the symptoms eased and the bilirubin levels started to fall. I can’t help feeling that your husband is long overdue some treatment, we gave up on the NHS in the end – as soon as my dad started down the private route everything came together and they move quickly.



    In the past two days my husband has woken up from a daytime nap with violent shivering. Even with two duvets he can’t get warm. I am assuming this has something to do with the liver which controls temperature, does anyone know anything about this and how it can be dealt with?

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