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    Hi Mercedes,
    I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary to stop dairy products, it’s just that sometimes dairy can cause problems. My husband has a stent and dairy causes it to clog because it seems to cause more mucous in the digestive tract. Some people actually get sick eating dairy after surgery. It just depends on the individual. I feel it’s the fat content more than anything Mary


    Can I jsut ask a question? Why is it important to stop dairy products?




    Thank you Ron for the idea and Marion for passing it on and for Rick implementing it! GREAT Idea!!!


    Thanks Ron…I will forward this to Rick as he is the administrator and I believe for him to be the greatest, ever.



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    lissaspears….Absolutely and totally there is no need to apologize. It took me an enormous amount of time to work with a computer and still I am struggling with it. In fact, my children (of course, they are experts at this) have a tendency to ignore my plea for help when I encounter one of those moments of computer frustration. Their excuses range from: I did not hear you


    marions…..opps sorry i am so new at my face really red!!!! but oh well i had fun….thanks for the many more times have i made this mistake i wonder now!! goes right along with my dippy personality….if you knew me you would say as those who know me say…”we love her anyway”
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    It is easy to overlook and I have to admit to having to remind myself more often then not. The top green bar above the name shows the date of the original posting as in this case, 2006. Your dietary recommendations are excellent, Lisa.


    Hi geoff
    I too changed my diet to high fiber low fats and no diary and started drinking soy milk because I love cereal.I started slow as suggested by Kathy .I am no training just did a lot of reading, etc..I have to say I usually have a elimination at least once a day..I find when i am taking treatment it slows the process but all in all I do fine.i don’t drink smoothies but think i am going to add that in..I am not a big fruit eater…matter of fact I was a horrible eatere i am learning more and more what is good for the liver. and try to eat those types of food…veggies,(preferbly raw) fruits any thing green.. onion tomatoes…etc…all kinds of things.. and as you said NO DAIRY one of the things i loved the most but could care less as long as i am better..oh and lots of juice made with 100 % juice..but as i said i am not a expert…just a mom trying to stay healthy as i can while fighting this cc


    Just a few comments for you to consider: It is BETTER to eliminate 3-4 times per day, instead of just once. The longer “waste” products are in your body, the more chance for them to “ferment” for a better way to explain it. (Although you do mention urgency, which is not the preferred way.)

    Anytime you drastically change your diet to include a lot more fiber products you can experience more elimation and/or constipation as your body adjusts to the change. I would suggest you SLOWLY increase your fruit intake, rather than a drastic change, and see how you react. I have some nutritional training, and am not a doctor, but I do know that most naturopathic doctors agree that ilimimating several times/day is definatley better.

    Milwaukee, WI


    I’m a CC sufferer, my tumour was resected last October. About a month ago I started to research nuritional advice and, based on advice from the UK’s Bristol Centre as well as other sources, a few weeks ago I modified my diet as follows: increased fruit intake (I’ve been eating a healthy diet in this respect for years, the main change was to add a couple of smoothies per day and to eat a wider variety of fruit) and cut out dairy products (I replaced milk with organic soya milk, stopped eating cheese).

    Within a week of the change my bowel habits changed in that I urgently needed to open my bowels 4-5 times/day about 30mins after any food even a snack, compared with once/day previously. My doctor advised me to revert to my previous diet and about a week later my bowel habits are now back to normal.

    Not sure if it was the smoothies or the lack of dairy produce or the soya milk which caused the change, my doctor advises that I should try just one diet change at a time to see what happens.

    Has anyone else found such results from a super-healthy diet ?


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