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    Yes. It is a brilliant treatment. My wife had it last year in July at Wake Oncology and it destroyed her Klatskin tumor in a 2 hour outpatient procedure. Unfortunately by the time we learned of the procedure the cancer had spread to her peritoneum. You must find a doctor who does a lot of these and don’t be discouraged by doctors who are negative about the treatment. The top doctor in the country for SIRT is Andrew Kennedy at Wake Oncology in Cary, NC. The university of Utah has also recently published a paper on success of this treatment for unresectable cholangiocarcinoma as has Northwestern University. Call me if you have questions (808-753-0290). I am in Honolulu. Act swiftly as the doubling time for cholangiocarcinoma is 3 to 6 months. Also look into the liver transplant innovations at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester under Dr. Steven Rosen. They think they will have an 80% cure rate. Other Centers doing this are Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis (Dr. William C. Chapman) and the university of Nebraska. I will post that information separately. My wife died needlessly. We learned about treatments too late. The doctors didn’t tell us about these well accepted treatments. Dr. Kennedy at Wake Oncology will quickly review scans and get back to you. You can use my name with both Dr. Kennedy and Dr. Chapman.

    Wayne Parsons


    My husband is on the phase II clinic trial with Bevacizumab and Erlotinib for cc. Is anyone on clinic trial with these two medications? How are you doing with activity,diet and pain?



    Great news about the treatment! You mentioned it was quite expensive. I guess insurance did not cover the treatment. We have Blue Cross and the Goshen Hospital and Dr. Gulec are preferred providers. Not sure if our insurance will cover this. Any suggestions?



    What wonderful news about your father!!!! I hope it continues.


    my brother had sir- sphares two times in goshen indiana, it is a quite expensive treatment but i can say it is helpfull too. in Goshen Cancer center there is a doctor named Seza Gulec specilast on SIRT, as i know he had at least 100 patients and succsess rate is 97%, well its worth to consider. my brother been to MD Anderson and Dr.Salem oncology center and all said he has max. 2 months to go, well we are in 12 months now and last PET says tumor stopped…! but u know for how long, God knows!! worth to try.. all my best wishes!!!



    I had SIR-Spheres (SIRT Y-90) inserted last November. Previous to that (in May 2001) after being diagnosed with CC, I had half the liver removed to get rid of the 10 cm mass. In a year tumors showed up in the remaining part of the liver. Over the years I’ve had many chemo clinical trials — some worked for a while, some did not work at all, plus chryoablation which partially worked. Last fall, running out of options, they tried SIR-Spheres. So far (after ten months) the tumors have not gotten any larger, but are still there which they thought would be the case, but are pleased that it stabilized.

    At first I felt pretty good, but then began getting very tired, having little appetite, and stomach aches — which I attribute to stress. Lately, though I’m feeling better. I also attribute my aches, pains, fatigue to all the chemo and procedures over the years as well as too many birthdays, since I’m now 73.

    [I am copying this from an earlier post on this site. Since then I’m slowly getting my energy
    back, but I seem to have other complication, probably not related to the cancer, and the meds for that really wear me out. We’re still trying to figure out how to address this new problem.]

    By the way, this was not done on a clinical trial. Apparently the treatment has been approved. I believe it comes from Australia.

    SIR Spheres so far have worked well, though, but I’ll find out more on Monday during my oncologist appointment. I hope you have the same success for non-operative cancer in the liver.


    Nicole….. I would post this question under Experiences with title the same. I sure some members have had this treatment or something close to it. I haven’t or I’d be glad to offer some infor. I have heard it has helped with some but not others.
    Jeff G.


    Can anyone offer any information/experiences with this treatment?

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