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    Thanks.  Her brain MRI showed no brain mets (good), but we also found out the CT chest showed growth in the lung nodules they were monitoring and lymph nodes, but no mets in the liver itself. I’m guessing that means that these mets were from some cancer cells that were left over from before the surgery since there are none in the liver- I wonder if more chemo preop wouldve changed anything but I do remember we were very fearful of staying on chemo too long and letting a chance at resection become inoperable. Kathy did have gem/ox post op with radiation.  We will meet with the radiation oncologist soon to plan her radiation but have no idea if chemo will be involved also, and if so which type since gem/cis worked well the first time, but who knows how these metastases will react now? Or should we just do the radiation alone and then go for a clinical trial? I don’t like waiting on treatment while we know the cancer is growing.


    Hi Billy,

    My layman’s impression is that skull bone metastases can be treated with radiation and sometimes also with surgery, depending on the specifics of the case.  From the experiences of patients with bone mets who have posted on the boards, it seems fairly common to have a short course of radiation to stop the mets from progressing and to relieve pain.

    This is not a very common met site for cholangiocarcinoma, it appears.  You might find more information looking at the more common cancers.  This is disappointing news for you and Kathy – hopefully, her doctors will come up with a good treatment solution quickly.

    Take care, regards, Mary


    Kathys cancer has recurred, and we found out she has mets to her skull.  I updated her ongoing thread (36 yr old with cc update) but wanted to start a new topic specifically about skull metastasis.  Searching the forum I saw one or two people mention having it, but I didnt find any follow up on what was done.  If anyone has any insight/experience, please let us know what we can expect.

    thank you all


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