Slowed Peristalsis

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    Randi…Sorry to hear about the intestinal blockage. How many days passed before intervention at the hospital? What were the symptoms? Thanks so much for sharing this important report.


    I had terrible constipation during my chemo which at one point led to an intestinal blockage which required hospitalization.

    I found that 2 stool softeners and 2 Senna in the morning and at night and drank Mirulax once a day. That helped a lot. Staying hydrated was key as well.

    Good luck!


    Trevor….constipation is one the more highlighted problems on this site. Generally it takes a bit of trying this and trying that before finding a solution to this issue. In addition to Percy’s and Pam’s suggestion you might also want to make sure to move around a bit. Better yet – walk for at least 1/2 hour. It doesn’t need to be strenuous rather; the goal is to stimulate the intestinal tract.
    I have learned that it takes 72 hours for the digestion of food. So, you would want to make sure to go at least every other day. Also Trevor, are you consuming plenty of liquids? You are not nauseous, right?


    Have you tried Miralax? It is pretty gentle and I was told doesn’t cause dependency issues.
    Eat some prunes everyday. Prunes are our friends!

    Take care!


    Lauren had that problem when she first started taking Morphine. We tried everything, but what got her to go were glycerine suppositories. Now she takes two stool softeners before bed and doesn’t have a problem.



    My husband takes 2 dulculax at night. It has helped somewhat. I noticed you are from Jacksonville. We are just south of you in Clay County. I imagine you are going to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville.

    Dr. Sella at the Mayo just prescribed a pill for my husband for itching. It has really helped with the constipation and helped just a little for the itching.


    Hey everyone,

    It seems to be never ending. I was wondering if anyone has ever had a problem with constipation and their chemo? 17 or 18 cycles of GemOx have caused significant back up. My stool is hardened and tiny. I am distended a lot of the time. And cannot seem to gain any weight. Whatever I eat just sits in my stomach. This has been accompanied by much nausea which has now thankfully subsided.

    Has anyone else experienced this? It’s frustrating because I’d like to be in good shape for when I start chemo again. I have taken lomotil for the constipation but it does not seem to help. My stools remain hardened and tiny.

    Any way around this?

    Thanks again!


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