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    Congratulations, Sophie!!! What a wonderful gift, and wonderful news!!
    -Joyce M


    Hi from Truckee……..We both loved all the heartfelt replies from you. Your kind messages are so sincere and appreciated. I am enjoying my Aunt’s company so much and cherish the times we have together. Aunt Sophie is not writing because she is not feeling so good these days. At this time she is taking three weeks off of treatment so she could see the baby and come here. She will continue with chemo mid February. Looks like snow here for the next three days so that will be great. My AUnt so loves the snow and the mountain beauty. We will be in touch soon and think and pray for all our cc friends. Thanks again for all the responses and it is so comforting to know you are all just a post away. Lots of love, Hollie and Sophie


    What joyous, blessed news! Our Emilee was just four ounces bigger! I remember the look on my mom’s face when she saw her….and what they share today is the most incredible relationship between two people I have ever seen! What a wonderful, wonderful time in your life Sophie….ENJOY!

    Love and smiles,


    Hi Again,

    Truckee intrigued me so I looked it up. It appears to be a bit north west of Tahoe. That is beautiful country up there. What a wonderful place for Sophie to be able to spend a few weeks. Thanks again for sharing this blessed event with us. Once again, congratulations to all & a big welcome to little Anna.

    Love & Best Wishes,


    Congratulations to Sophie! What wonderful news. Thank you for sharing it with us. Give her our love and best wishes!


    I saw Sophie’s story on the faces of cc page some time back…. and how excited she was about the new little Jan. 09 arrival. What a wonderful gift, please send her our best!



    Congratulations on the new arrival. Sophie must be estatic – she was waiting for this little one to arrive. She sounds beautiful – babies are happiness.

    Joyce C


    Grandma Sophie sure does have a nice ring to it, we are all so excited for you! What a lucky little ducky little Anna is to have such a great grandma!



    Holli…. Sophie must be beaming with joy ..and so well deserved. Congratulations to all. Thanks for sharing this wonderful news. Truckee is one of my favorite places to go in winter or in summer. I am glad for Sophie to be relaxing and enjoying this time.


    YEA!!!! There is nothing more beautiful than a new baby but this one sounds exquisite! Please give Sophie my love and congratulations. It truly is the best feeling in the world.


    Hi Hollie,

    Congratulations to all of you! She sounds adorable & I am so glad that “Grandma”, your Aunt Sophie was able to meet her. I think you can all feel very blessed right now. My best to all of you now & in the future.



    Hello to everyone,
    I am writing for my Aunt Sophie to let everyone know she is a Grandma. Anna was born January 29th. She weighed in at 8 pounds six ounces and was 20 inches long. She has a lot of dark hair, a dimple in her chin and just beautiful. I was able to drive Aunt Sophie to San Diego to see the baby. Now she is up here in Truckee with me for a couple of weeks. She is so happy to be a Grandma and feels blessed.

    Love to all……Hollie

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