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    HelpforMom…….so sorry to hear the news. A good cry clears the soul and prepares you for the boxing gloves.

    Please know that liver transplantations for hilar cholangiocarcinoma rarely happen, but there are other ways to fight this cancer. The upcoming consultations will bring about the answers.

    I am wondering, is the biopsy tissue tested for genetic and molecular alterations and if so, is it sent to a lab such as Foundation One?

    As Lainy mentioned, numerous bone metastases postings are on our site. Many underwent radiation with great results, hence the physicians may mention this as well.

    Apparently for our rare cancer skull metastases also are rare. Please take a look at this link:

    Most of all, dear HelpforMom, stay strong, as much has yet to be discussed.



    Dear Megan, so very sorry for this latest news. I have heard of spine mets and if you go to our Search engine at the top of this page and type in a word or two posts will come up about that subject. Thinking about you both and wishing you the very best. Hopefully your meeting with the ONCs will help and lead to some kind of treatment!


    Today was a hard day as mom missed the call that ended up coming to me. So I drove to deliver the news. It killed me. But she was grateful it was me and her in her apartment. Crying and hugging.

    Moms biopsy came back cholangiocarcinoma
    She is ineligible for transplant as cancer shows on her thoracic spine and the base of her skull.
    This is all the info we got today from the transplant coordinator.

    She had a bone MRI on 6/23…..come back normal. I’m so confused. Did it mets between June 23 and Aug 3?!?

    We hope to meet with her hepatologist and oncologist next week. I can’t find anything on this type of mets!
    Anyone have helpful links or info?
    What kind of outlook does this present?

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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