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    Well, this post is full of stuff…
    I talked to my onc about my latest scan. Some of you know I was lining up for an interferon and opdivo trial. Good news… The scan shows no new measurable areas of concern. So nothing is big enough for biopsies. Good news is that means I’m stable. But I can’t get on the trial. So I get to wait again. We will get another scan in 2 months. Don’t get me wrong… I’ll enjoy the break! Maybe my eyesight will come back!
    Other not so good news. After a good 60(?) scans I had a reaction to the contrast. Nothing major, just red face, ears and neck. BUT I had New England clam chowder saturday and got dizzy, vision went black, throat hitched a few times, had no control over my voice. I didn’t go to the hospital as the breathing problem never really got out of hand. But it was enough to scare the heck outta me! A friend asked if I wanted a ride home. I told her if she was driving me anywhere it would be the hospital. But everything subsided within 20 or so minutes. But that means no more shellfish for me. I need a new favorite food group (besides chocolate). I average shrimp about 2x a week. But I don’t really want to go that way. I’ve been fighting cancer 6 years now… I’m not gonna let an allergy get me.
    Another thought I have to think about is that my brother offered me a room in his house full of females. Not sure I can take all that, but it’s in San Diego, so I’m really tempted. Even if I help with the mortgage, it’s still 1/2 of what I pay now. As I watch the weather and hear “snow” again, I am more and more tempted. If he had an inlaw suite, I’d be there already! I like my privacy but would also like the family support. Anyone have a quarter I can flip? Lol

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