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    Hi Jennifer.
    I am very sorry to hear about your father.

    Marions is 100% right.
    Your problem will be our “fabulous” medical system to get your father to TGH or PM.
    I have no idea how you will make this happen.
    you need a referral with all your fathers exams and the wait time for a second opinion is approximately 2 weeks to get an appointment according to the Wallace Mccain center.
    you are located in another province therefore I have no idea if you are even entitled to come down to Ontario and be seen by a specialist here.
    We should thank our politicians for spending over 1 billion dollars to modernize our medical communication system while leaving people in hallways in hospitals.

    I wish I was wrong.
    many warm wishes for you and your family and good luck…



    jennifer…..I believe you and I already communicated via e-mail. Don’t hold onto the 4 months time limit, your Dad does not have an expiration date stamped on his foot.
    As mentioned in my e-mail, try to get a referral to Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto. Their hepatobiliary department sees many cholangiocarcinoma patients and they will know what to do.

    Hang in there, much is yet to be discovered.



    I am so sorry to hear about your dad and that the cancer is in multiple places.
    Blood clots are no joke and pose an immediate risk. very scary
    I know this is very hard but I hope some others in Canada will respond. I havent seen many posts with blood clots added to the mix. Im so sorry.

    Its important to have a dr experienced with this cancer but I will say once it has spread our options so become quite limited. My mother is also stage 4 and unresectable.



    I am not sure where to post – but I have also posted the info below on the General discussion board.

    My father was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Cholangiocarcinoma (on 22 Oct 2016 to be exact). He is 60 yrs old and has never been sick with anything other than a common cold. So this has come as a huge shock to all of our family and friends and for him.

    For the past 2mths he has been not feeling well and the walk in clinic was treating him with medication for pneumonia. When things didn’t clear up they had him in for a CT scan and that is where they saw the clot in his lung. I took him to the hospital on 17 Oct 2016 and since then we have found out about his diagnosis.

    We are from Brandon, MB Canada and the Dr’s here seem to be guessing as they have never dealt with this type of cancer. This is very hard to hear on our end. I am just wondering if anyone can suggest any other outreach Dr’s that might be in Canada so that we can have some other opinions?

    They have also told us that the cancer is not only in the bile ducts; it has spread to the gallbladder, liver (enlarge to his belly button) and spots of cancer all over in his abdomen. This has caused a blood clot in his lung and in his leg. Because of the blood clot he is on a minor blood thinner to keep the blood flowing and to control the clots. They gave one option for a chemo treatment (surgical trial – can’t remember the name) but due to his blood thinning medication if they preformed the biopsy then he could bleed out internally. But if they stop the blood thinners to preform the biopsy then the clot could grow and he could be taken that way.

    We are just searching for any other advice that we can get at this point. The Dr’s have given him 4mths.

    Your information and help is greatly appreciated.

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