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    Hi Kris!
    Great news about the CA-19-9!! What’s up with the leg swelling? I hope it is nothing serious. I’m sure you will handle the hair loss like a champ. Here’s hoping it just thins a little and you don’t lose it all. Love you, girl!!


    Happy for you Kris! Love when a trial has such positive results and that you are benefiting so much. Don’t stress on the hair thing…maybe get the wig before your insurance runs out (if you are like me, just the preparedness will make the rest of your hair remain).


    That’s great about your CA levels Kris!!! I hope that the ultrasound comes back with good news as well and I hope that cycle 6 goes smoothly as well. Fingers crossed for you!!


    Good news Kris, I’m with you, keep smiling xxx


    Awesome news Kris! Let the good results roll!



    Great news about your CA 19-9! You are normal!
    Looking forward to good news about the leg.

    I’ll bet you could rock a wig!


    Congratulations on the good news Kris! I hope all turns out well with your leg also. Keep us posted.


    Kris, we will take the good news and hopefully the not so good news is not bad at all! My hair is finally growing in from the Meds but I still love the wig I bought! Knowing you, you would have a ton of fun with one. Lay some more good news on us!


    Good and soso news….. My CA 19-9 is 36.5!!!!!! Normal!!!!!!!!
    Getting an ultrasound on my leg to make sure nothing is wrong. The swelling isn’t too too bad, but doc wants to be sure.
    And hair thinning is a rare side effect from the drug. Total hair loss has not been recorded yet, so I’m hopeful it’s gonna stop. I’m down to a “normal” head of hair and am fine with that. But I have a script for a wig, just in case. I have a week or so to decide, as I lose AETNA Oct. 1.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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