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    I am on day 6 of radiation and have been driving myself there every day as the American Cancer Society didn’t have any volunteers available.  You get a call each day to let you know if they have a driver.  I have another 9 days of treatment. At least I have free parking.  So far, no side affects except for low energy. I spoke to their nutritionist today and she told me I should eat 1600 calories a day.  I lost 12 lbs since before Christmas mainly due to eating Lean Cuisine as I fractured my right arm, than  had a TACE procedure so my appetite went down and has stayed down.  I don’t mind losing weight but she said my body needs protein to deal with cancer.  I told her I still have reserves of fat as per the chart I should weight 172 at most so I am still 10 lbs overweight.  I am  hoping this treatment will work.

    The other 2 existing tumors have been without chemo since 31 January and am not sure how they are doing. I am hoping Xeloda affects them too.






    Hi Brigitte,

    I hope your treatment goes smoothly and pushes back the cancer.

    It is good to look for ride options.  In my community, a new service is just now being established to help seniors with rides to medical appointments using trained volunteer drivers.  There may be similar programs where you live.  You may want to do an internet search for “senior transportation” and the name of your town or city.  Then try the search again with the name of your county and state.  Sometimes these programs are managed together with other efforts such as Meals on Wheels.

    Let us know your experience with radiation and xeloda.

    Regards, Mary


    Spoke to my oncologiste today who is putting me on Xeloda while having radiation. He said it boost the affect of the radiations. I was a bit worried after reading the possible side affects but I will be monitored closely.

    I am going to call the American Cancer Society to see if they have transport available in my area as I live 40 miles from MD Anderson and driving there 5 days a week for 3 weeks while undergoing treatment could be a bit rough.  Hopefully I can handle the treatment and it will zap those nasty new tumor.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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