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    the celtic band sounds great! – you are not letting this stop you from living – it is hard to not let it take over, i am hoping that the trial goes well for you, take care, jules


    Hey Y’all!

    Looks like I have been accepted into the sorafenib trial and should get started next week. My oncologist says it’s already approved and being used in renal cancer with great results – 78% have arrested growth of tumors. We’re going to give this a whirl while I have some time. We may look at another clinical trial, but chemo will be the ultimate back-up.

    We will make the drive from Ouray, Colorado to Dodge City, Kansas on March 15th, see the doctor on March 16th, and return home on the 17th which is St. Patrick’s Day. (I’m scheduled to play in a Celtic band on that night at the Elks Club and the following night at a local restaurant, so there will be no lingering along the Santa Fe Trail on this initial trip.) We do hope to stop at Bent’s Old Fort in eastern Colorado on the way there.

    I got word yesterday that my insurance company will cover the clinical trial. My doctor wrote a letter to persuade/insist that they cover this. The selling point seemed to be that the drug would be free as opposed to the cost chemotherapy drugs.

    Wish me luck,

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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