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    Yep. Stents are a lifetime replacement plan. The Drs. gave my husband only 18 months but with stent replacement he’s been here for 33 months.
    He has a metal stent now. Everytime they changed the plastic ones he would get an infection so we went with titanium.
    They will get clogged after a while but they can go in and clean them out.
    Good luck,


    Yuck, I have to get my stents replaced every three months, too. :(

    Will I have to get that done for the rest of my life?


    Sending you and your dad my good thoughts and wishes.


    So after a rather positive visit to the Dr last wednesday my dad starting feeling poorly on Friday, ran a fever and threw up. He ended up in the hospital and had developed an infection. It never got out of control but the team agreed it was most likely coming from the occluded stent. Yesterday morning he had a laparoscopy and was added another stent as a by pass.

    I had not heard about this but the Dr’s went ahead and did it.

    In summary, the metallic stent placed a year ago was getting clogged probably with a combo of tumor, biliry mud and all kinds of debris.

    He is recovering quite well and should be back home on Wed or Thursday.

    Best of luck to all.


    Hi Mary – so dad went to the Dr. yesterday and they recommended against changing the stent for now. The team has not indicated it cannot be changed though and have considered revisiting this in a couple of months if things remain stable.

    I will let you know if there is any progress or changes to be made.




    We’ve been told they can’t be replaced that’s why we have refused having one yet. My husband gets his plastic stent replaced every three months.The Doc keeps talking about metal but what has happened to your Dad is what I’ve been worried about. What happens if the metal stent causes problems? I hope all goes well. I really can’t give much advice just good wishes! Mary


    Hi everyone – my dad might had a stent placed about a year ago and while his blood analyses and general state remain OK he has had two infections, likely stemming from the stent. One was very serious and one relatively minor but he is considering a replacement.

    Does anyone have experience with metal stent replacements?

    Thank you and best of luck to all!


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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