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    We start off or marked posts with sensitive- maybe this should be sensitive for political reasons. I will caveat with that until the last year, I kept my mouth shut most of the time, but could also enjoy an intelligent discussion debating what is the best way for government to work. I always found it interesting to learn more and see other views. However, all I see now is a health bill ( and environmental policies) which will negatively harm many people and the planet.

    I appreciate these posts ( along the lines with ASCO saying senate bill is very bad)

    There are some who rely on a limited number of new sources and may not see things from all angles.

    I think FACTS are 22 million will lose health insurance (some republicans claim ONLY 10 million- guess that’s ok)
    Before Obama care, 60% of employer policies had lifetime limits- these could be reinstated
    Bill would give a $720 billion tax-cut to the very wealthy ( by cutting medicaid)

    Only 17% of people support this bill- so why are they trying to push it through?
    The basic foundation for success is there with Obamacare, and the States that supported it and expansion of medicaid are doing well. However, this uncertainty is making thing worse. Obamacare should be tweaked to improve, but should not be repealed by those who want to cut taxes for the wealthy, or just can’t stand anything tied to Obama. I ‘m sure it’s not as prevalent as reported, but so sad that there are people who want to see Obamacare repealed, but like the ACA health insurance they were able to get. I listened this morning to a doctor from NH who said they have seen over 1 million new people in the health system since Obamacare went into effect. Overall it costs the state less and they end up with a healthier population.

    They will be offering senators financial incentives ( money towards campaigns) to vote to push this through. I would ask all to please not just listen to tweets, but find out what this bill will do to you and your loved ones. Then, please write or call your senators.

    People will die if they put this through- not fake news.

    Warren Buffett revealed that he would save nearly $700,000 in taxes every year if the GOP repeal bill passes and said Republicans should just rename it the “Relief for the Rich Act.”

    It’s not a health care bill. It’s a massive redistribution of wealth from low-income Americans to the rich.



    This is important especially now that the current Healthcare Law is in the Senate for revisions.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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