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    Hi Hesw,

    Thank you for the update.  I am glad you are doing well, and appreciate that you are posting your story of treatment with pemigatinib.  Because this treatment is new, it is a big help to our patients to hear your first-hand experience.  It is great to hear you are able to travel, and are feeling well during treatment.

    Regards, Mary



    I have intrahepatic CC advanced locally.

    None of the traditional chemo  gem/cis etc worked for me for the first 8 months after I was diagnosed With CC intrahepatic local .

    I have taken PEMIGATINIB/ PEMAZYRE for about 6 months and my large tumour shrank by 40% and at the last MRI it was still shrunk by 40% . Ive sort of got used to the side effects.

    I like that I have more free time as I go to hospital only every 3 weeks now . I ve been away on holiday too. I’ve also been told that it is not so hard on the other organs in the body.

    I know CC can mutate ,so Im hoping it will keep working for a good while or even decrease the size more .Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for me!

    If you are able to, give it a go.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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